Shirtless Hunks So Steamy They're Barely Safe For Work

What better way to celebrate National Nude Day than to gawk at sexy hunks sans shirts? Sit back, relax and try to keep your cool while we blast the heat!
Charli Penn Jul, 14, 2015

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When it comes to red-hot, nearly naked photos, no one does it better than Shemar Moore, who never has a problem sharing his best assets with fans. This recent Miami beach moment nearly took our breath away.

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Oh, you thought he was done? Not a chance! Is it ever enough?

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Third times a charm?! Yup!

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Ellis keeps his Instagram feed stocked full of sexy shots of him sans shirt, and nobody's mad at that.

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Never one to disappoint, in the past Fruitvalle Station star Michael B. Jordan earned a spot on our Sexiest Men of 2010 list and shirtless photos like this one proved to be a huge hit with the ladies.

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Remember that time Idris shared a video of one of his shirtless gym workouts and he almost broke Instagramt? We can't ever forget.

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Allow us to introduce British actor Lucien Laviscount, one of the new stars on Fox's Scream Queens. He's plays Earl Grey, a coed with a dark past. 

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All hail the king of sexy, Mr. Lenny Kravitz. His appropriately titled new album Strut drops on September 23rd and his fans are just drooling with anticipation. Added bonus: He's on Instagram and he's all for sharing the love. Let's all pause for a moment to admire this shirtless wonder.

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Tyson Beckford is seen out and about shirtless in New York City.

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Sexy The Biggest Loser trainer and celebrity fitness model Dolvett Quince's body looks like it was hand crafted with love and it inspires us to hit the gym every day with the hops of spotting him.

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Oh we can barely take it. Hunky Chocolate City star Robert Richard stops by ESSENCE to promote his new film.

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Midwestern model, and Eye Candy alum, Travis Ferguson's shirtless shots made our 2013. It's no secret that he knows his way around a gym and a woman's heart.

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Even when he's jetsetting across the world, wrestler-turned-actor Dwayne Johnson never misses an opportunity to share the love. Here, he's making us drool just by sitting casually on a jet ski. He really does make sexy look effortless.

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No woman can resist a shirtless photo of San Andreas star Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson (who just earned his highest opening weekend ever at the box office!), and quite frankly, who can blame them? We rounded up his steamiest shirtless shares ever. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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Another unforgettable Eye Candy moment we just had to share again. NFLer George Wilson really blew us away with this sexy, shirtless shot.

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Sexy selfie alert! My, my, my, my, my, my! Nelly's shirtless body is like a work of art. We would like to thank Instagram for this moment!

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Miami Heat star LeBron James is a regular on Instagram and always easy on the eyes. Every photo is a slam dunk.

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Songz spends as much time with his shirt off as he does with it on. (Thanks, Trey!)

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ESSENCE Festival alum and total hearthrob Trey Songz loves to perform shirtless and we love it even more. #wow

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With all that padding, we don't get to see NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick's 8-pack as often as we'd like, but any glimpse is worth the wait. See? **fans face**

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Grey’s Anatomy star Jesse Williams keeps the show’s fans tuning in weekly with the hopes that he’ll show up on screen shirtless like he’s often known to do.

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Nothing turns up a TGT performance quite like a glimpse of Tank shirtless. Wouldn't you agree? We'd like to thank Instagram for this moment. (Wink!)

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We once spotted Craig David doing an outdoor workout at a park in Miami Beach. Yummy!

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We just had to show you a shirtless Darrin Dewitt Henson. What’s not to love here? When this actor steps in front of the camera, we always want a second take.

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If you thought that last peek was awesome, check out the full picture here. Isn’t it a pretty one?

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Model, eye candy alum and humble heartthrob Karras Jordan may play it a little coy with the ladies, but when the shirt comes off, he has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of.

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Idris “accidentally” tweeted this steamy self portrait during for #TAD (Twitter after Dark) and we’re oh-so glad he did!

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Morris Chestnut

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Can we just pause for a moment to drool over the wonder that is Hit the Floor star Rob Riley shirtless, please? Sigh... now that's heavenly!

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TV actor Mehcad Brooks always brings the sexy. (In or out of his shirt!)

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112 lead singer Q Parker heads to the ocean to show off his sexy.

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Actor Lamman Rucker has it all — talent, good looks, and all this goodness up top!

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Remember Michael Ealy's shirtless moment in About Last Night. (Thank you, God!) The R-rated comedy promised to go there with the laughs and the romance and it did. Ladies, can you handle it?

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A shirtless and buff John Legend works up a sweat during a jog along the Beach Path in Hawaii.

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The champ’s boxing physique reigns supreme!

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Let's just go ahead and put it out there: there is no such thing as too many shirtless photos of fit, and oh-so-gorgeous PYT Bryshere Gray.

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Chart-topper Miguel adorns his fans with love on Instagram. Shirtless performance pics like this one are a regular occurence.

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Someone please put NFL free agent Terrel Owens back in the game! Boy, oh boy, we miss watching him show off on the field.

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Los Angeles Clipper star forward Blake Griffin left the ladies in awe recently when he was spotted cooling off sans shirt on a Miami beach.

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Fitness fanatic Leon Walker is an Eye Candy alum who directs and sponsors Men’s Physique shows in Los Angeles. If the contestants look as good as the host, someone please tell us where we can buy tickets, now.

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Male model Miguel Perdomo is a picture of perfection whenever he leaves his shirt behind.

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Miami Heat teammates Lebron James and Dwyane Wade relaxed on their day off from work in Miami Beach.

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In February 1998 three sexy (shirtless!) models made your month when you got your issue of ESSENCE in the mail. Remember these gorgeous guys? We can't ever forget!

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Once again, nobody does a shirtless photo like super-toned TV star Shemar Moore. Whenever the Criminal Minds cutie is captured by the paparazzi's camera, he leaves the world mesmerized. You're welcome!