Shaun Robinson's Home

Shaun Robinson's Home
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 28, 2008

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Shaun makes her first house a home with family photos included on her wall bookcase.

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“I have a female and African theme running throughout my home. I have African art and many of my paintings are of strong women. It reminds me of my heritage,” Shaun said. With a contemporary spin, Shaun’s fireplace is the perfect place for some of her favorite candles.

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“I love these masks! I found them in a store in Beverly Hills. They were arranged so perfectly. So I had the sculptor come by and set them up for me. He was so nice about it,” Shaun said.

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Shaun continues her African theme in the den with sculptures. “The tall one is a Budha that my decorator brought me as a gift. The lady sitting was a gift from my Uncle Johnny that he found in an African gift shop in Detroit, my hometown,” she said.

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“The house has earth tones that are very calming,” Shaun shared.

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Shaun rolls up her sleeves in the kitchen whipping up dishes that have stayed with her from growing up in Detroit, MI and attending college in Atlanta.

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Shaun’s favorite room in the house: her closet. “It’s 300 square feet! This is what sold the house to me. There’s a TV in there, a chair and ottoman. My friends love to just hang out in my closet,” Shaun said.

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A close-up of some of Shaun’s favorite duds.

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Shaun’s home of three years includes a rooftop deck, the perfect scene for a relaxing evening.

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Shaun’s well-kept backyard is full of treasures and places to enjoy the sunlight.


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