Sexy Valentine's Day Gifts For Him

Sexy Valentine's Day Gifts For Him
ESSENCE.COM Feb, 11, 2010

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Men are visual creatures. But nude doesn’t have to mean lewd. Artful erotica books like Marc Baptiste’s “Beautiful” feature naked women in a tasteful light that he can enjoy and you can feel comfortable with. Amazon, $32.85

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Give your busy guy a day of rest and relaxation, for him to kick back while you show him how important he is to you. Begin with breakfast in bed and end with dinner on you.

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Show him you’re OK with his inclination to porn, by seeking out and framing a vintage poster of a former “Playboy” playmate like this old tear from the magazine’s April 1973 issue that features then Playmate of the Month, Julie Woodson. Ebay, $8.50

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Role playing with your man will be more fun once you get the “Let’s Play Doctor” kit. He can be the firefighter and you can be the damsel in distress. Or you can be the sexy teacher and make him stay late after class. Toys in Babeland, $16.95.

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Stop worrying about the sexy knickers he wants to see you in this Valentine’s day and think about what he’s got going on underneath his pants. Give him a new set of boxers or briefs and tell him how much you think about him half-naked.

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Anais Nin’s sexy short tales of passion will awaken the desire in your literary man. Amazon, $11.20.

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Show him your artistic side. Paint a romantic blue moon on your stomach with Tom and Sally’s tart fruit-flavored body paints and then give him the pleasure of making the moon disappear. Toys in Babeland, $20/set of four.

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What would a man love more than massage oil? His lady rubbing that sexy liquid all over him, with her body. Duh! Kiki De Montparnasse’s silky Massage Oil ($50) is the perfect thing to get your night off to a smooth start. Leave it in his sock drawer in the morning.

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If you and your guy haven’t gone below the belt yet. Concentrate on the spot above the neck with the most nerve endings—your lips. Check out these 43 kisses and treat him to all of them this Sunday.

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The itsy bitsy Fukuoku 9000’s is the perfect travel-sized body-tickler for you to rub along his most sensitive parts. Toys in Babeland, $24.00.


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