Sexy Stocking Stuffers

Sexy Stocking Stuffers
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 03, 2009

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Victoria’s Secret’s Booty Parlour Massage Candle provides sexy scents like sandalwood-vanilla and chocolate-cinnamon that turn the heat up and melt into (easy to pour) warm body oil to turn a girl on.

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Babeland’s Body Massage Candles are infused with shea butter for ultra rich rubdowns. Bonus: they’re eco-friendly!

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She can be the sexy Agent Provocateur at the masquerade ball with this Swarovski Crystal Harlequin Mask.

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This silky blindfold reminds us that silence is golden.

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For the bookworm who’s into um… fantasy, “I Novella” is full of erotic short stories to keep her captivated.

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A Love Supreme gives Black couples long list of sweet stories for deeper love.

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These 24-karat-gold handcuffs are for those who like to get locked up in luxury.

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These pretty Pink Heart Restraints feature cute hearts and a soft lining that make bondage seem oh so sweet.

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Tom Ford’s known for images that drip with sex appeal. His fragrance proves he knows how to put the essence of sex in scents too. Pick up Black Orchid To Go for a girl who likes love on the run.

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Benefit’s My Place or Yours Gina scent is perfect for when she’s ready to get down to business.

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With a sensor that remembers your every ooh and aah, a rechargeable battery and a discreet look that resembles a wireless computer mouse more than a vibrator, the Sasi gets a high customer satisfaction rating.

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Some women don’t want everybody to know they use sex toys. We’re not mad at them. They can keep their inner freaks a secret with the inconspicuous Hidden Pleasures Lipstick Vibe.

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She’ll have an eargasm over Time-Life’s “Midnight Soul” musical anthology. Marvin Gaye, Alicia Keys, BLACKStreet, Toni Braxton, D’Angelo, Babyface, Barry White, En Vogue, Boys II Men, SWV, Smokey Robinson and more, all in one collection.

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After eight years, sexy neo-soul originator Maxwell is back on the scene with his signature highs and lows. His new “Black Summer’s Night” album is just as good for making love as it is for understanding it.


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