Sexiest Female Singers

Sexiest Female Singers
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 13, 2011

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This Philly diva has never been afraid to express her sensuality. On songs like “Rolling Hills” (on her current album) and “Crown Royale,” Jill recalls past loves and sexual encounters with such candor we don’t blame you if you blush…a little.

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Though her lyrics have never been overtly sexual, Sade’s songs have set the mood right, making her one of the sexiest singers around.

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When it comes to sexy, no one brings it quite like disco queen, Donna Summer. Her moan on songs like “Love to Love You Baby” is legendary. Billboard called the epic song “a 16-minute orgasm.” Touche!

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Need a little motivation? Check out Kelly Rowland’s steamy single of the same name. Judging by her racy performance at the 2011 BET Awards Kelly is definitely feeling her womanhood.

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Though she is shy in person, Mrs. Carter is far from it on pen and paper. She can be found expressing her inner wild girl on songs like “Naughty Girl” and “Say Yes.” And of course, her image overall, is clearly one of a woman in touch with her sexuality.

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On songs like “Touch My Body” and “My All,” Mariah never fails to raise the temperature.

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In the beginning RiRi sang sweet songs about love, but she soon turned up the volume when it came to expressing her sexuality. With songs like “S&M” currently heating up the charts, she’s clearly found her voice. And boy, is she open to talking about S-E-X.

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Over the years, and song after song, it’s become clear that Ciara knows exactly what she wants in the bedroom. On songs like “Love, Sex, Magic” and “Ride” the Atlanta native lays down the ground rules on pleasing her man.

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On her classic ’90s hit, Adina Howard left all the small talk behind and got right down to business, declaring she was “a freak until the day, until the dawn.”

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Though the Queen Bee’s brand of sexy wasn’t for everyone, you could always count on her to up the ante when it comes to raunchy lyrics.

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Before there was a Lil’ Kim or Adina Howard, there was ’70s soul icon, Millie Jackson, whose racy lyrical content got her little radio play, but a devoted audience.

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You can always count on Miss Jackson to let a man know how to fulfill her sexual desires, tastefully. On “That’s The Way Love Goes,” she sings “Ooh baby, don’t stop, don’t stop/ Go deeper/ Baby deeper/You feel so good I’m gonna cry.” We hear you, girl.

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When it comes to seduction, you can always count on Ms. Keri baby to “go there.”

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Diana Ross left her good-girl image far behind after the Supremes. By the ’70s when she embraced disco, Ms. Ross was not afraid to get hot and bothered on wax.

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Toni Braxton is one sexy woman, and she knows it, thank you very much. On songs like “You’re Makin’ Me High” the pint-sized Grammy winner gets hot and heavy.

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