Seven Ways to Recharge and Renew at Home

Spa at Home: Seven Ways to Recharge and Renew at Home
ESSENCE.COM Nov, 08, 2009

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The stress of the economy may be causing you to curb your spending ways, especially when it comes to pampering yourself; but there’s no reason you can’t recharge and renew on the cheap. Here are seven great ways to get that spa-like feeling at home. -Yolanda Sangweni

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Create a space that stimulates your five senses. If it’s a spa ambience you’re after, gather up all the tools you’ll need, from homemade body scrubs (oatmeal, sugar, olive oil) to scented candles and champagne. Put on some relaxing music and luxuriate in a plush bathrobe.

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A warm bath with essential oils is an excellent way to rejuvenate the mind and body while reducing the effects of stress. Lavender, ylang ylang and chamomile are known for their calming effect, while rosemary, peppermint and eucalyptus energize and give you a mental boost.

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Instead of slaving over a to-do list, make a mental note of things you’re not going to do. Choose one thing to do, like pampering yourself, and do it really well. Giving yourself 100% “me-time” is the perfect way to get some clarity.

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A walk, yoga class, dance class; whatever you choose, know that exercise is the surest way for the body to release serotonin (a feel-good chemical) and help you improve your mood.

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Healthy food is a spa must-have. Whip up some tasty fruit smoothies and salads that energize. Think protein, greens and lots of fresh ingredients.

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Spas are all about healing and renewal. Whether it’s a sermon at church or reading a motivational book, getting some inspiration will not only help you see things in perspective but encourage you to set goals.

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Getting enough sleep not only boosts your metabolism but it’ll help you make better food choices. The body repairs and restores tissues while you sleep so catching up on some shut-eye is a great way to give your skin back its glow.