Secrets to Finding Your Own Idris or Denzel

How to Find Your Own Idris
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 31, 2011

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Idris and Denzel could easily be comfortable in a hoodie and Timbs, on the block choppin‘ it up with the fellas or in a custom Tom Ford suit, ready to accompany you to the office holiday party. In other words, they’re dynamic. Be dynamic. Show off every side of your sexy wonderful self.

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Just the look on Idris’ or Denzel’s face exudes “I got this.” Confidence is sexy, pure and simple. Be confident.

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There is a better chance of Herman Cain winning the 2013 Presidency than someone outsmarting Idris or Denzel on film. They convey intelligence. Be intelligent and show off your smarts.

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Every fan of Denzel knows about his active involvement with his children. Being a good parent exhibits several traits, all of which are compelling. Good parenting is sexy. If you have a child, be the best parent you can.

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Warm, inviting, and comforting. I’ve seen those and many more adjectives to describe these brothas’ smiles. A strong natural smile is key to attraction. Be a wearer of smiles.

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I don’t think Idris or Denzel take a movie or TV role unless they can physically dominate someone. Being a protector is a valued trait, and not only for men. Be someone willing to defend yourself and your beliefs.

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Idris and Denzel often play character roles the ride the line between good and evil, and for that they’re loved more than simply being one or the other. What attracts people to them in this scenario is the suspense around not knowing what side they’re loyal to. Be suspenseful.

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I’ve often heard American women say Idris gets extra “points” because of his British accent. I read into this that we put a premium on people based on their uniqueness. Be unique.

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It’s one thing to want to “be with” someone but it’s a whole level higher when you can identify the type of person you want your child to be like. Often times, I hear Idris & Denzel’s name pop up. Be inspiring.

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“Easy on the eyes” is a ridiculous understatement when referring to Idris and Denzel. They’re attractive, they know it, and they leverage it. Be aware of how you’re perceived.

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On and off screen, these brothas continue to climb the ladder of success. Denzel reaching a second Oscar or Idris becoming the first black James Bond may have felt unrealistic years ago, but now these goals stand within grasp. Who doesn’t love a winner. Be ambitious.

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What other qualities do you feel make a great mate? You can find me on Facebook or Twitter anytime.

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