The Best Memes from 'Scandal' Season 3 Finale

Leave it to Scandal viewers to always have the best memes following an episode of their Thursday night addiction. In honor of the shocking finale last night, we're taking a look at the most hilarious memes on social media.

Yolanda Sangweni Apr, 18, 2014

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Because Papa Pope pretty much sidelined everyone on last night's season finale.

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This Papa Pope playlist pretty much sums up his royal badness.

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There's trouble whenever Mama Pope appears.

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Because Mama Pope will never go away.

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Why are Quinn and Huck getting it on again? Shonda Rhimes, please explain.

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Because no one can quite explain what's happening between Quinn and Huck.

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Because the season 3 finale was that baffling, and entertaining.

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When Jake Ballard decides to run off into the sunset with Olivia Pope. #PoorJake

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Dear Scandal, don't be gone too long.

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