The A to Z of 'Scandal'

Five years ago today, a phenomenon was birthed. From the first season's characters to this season's love triangles, we have the ultimate A-Z of Scandal

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We're breaking down all there is to know about our Thursday night addiction, Scandal. From the first season's crisis to this season's love triangles, we have the ultimate A-Z of Scandal.

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Abby. Olivia and Abby’s relationship has had it’s fair share of drama, but as we see in Season 4, they’ve always got each other’s back. 

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B-613. The secret government agency, led by Papa Pope, that's been murdering, torturing and threatening almost everyone in the series.

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Columbus Short. The actor’s unprecedented leave from the show still has fans asking, “Will Harrison come back?” 

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Dan Bucatinsky played the late-great James Novak Seasons 1 through 3. He was the love of Cyrus' life until he was shot in cold blood by Jake. R.I.P.

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Emmys. The show has won two Emmys (Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series in 2013 and Outstanding Guest Actor In A Drama Series in 2014) and been nominated three times.

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Fitz. Fitzgerald Grant, the President of the United States and Olivia's main love interest, played by Tony Goldwyn.

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Guillermo Diaz, who plays Huck, Olivia's tech and torture guy. On Season 4 Episode 15, we finally learned that Huck’s real name is Diego Munoz (really?!).

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Hole. The B-613 hole that housed our disgraced Scandal favorites including Huck, Jake and Mama Pope.

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"It's Handled." Olivia's catchphrase. Is there any crisis this woman can't fix?

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Scandal is based on crisis manager and former George H.W. Bush administration press aide Judy Smith. A former lawyer and public relations executive, Smith now serves as co-executive producer of the show.

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Kerry Washington. The star. The head Gladiator in charge. The Olivia Pope. Her favorite thing about playing Olivia Pope? The wardrobe

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Lyn Paolo is the show’s Emmy-nominated costume designer. In 2014, Paolo and Washington launched a Scandal fashion line with the Limited.

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Mellie. The First Lady of the fictional United States, the oft-scorned wife of President Fitz. Don't worry, she gets some loving from Fitz's main man Andrew Nichols. Get it, Mellie!

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"No." A word Olivia just can't seem to say to Fitz. Or Jake. Or Huck. Or anyone?

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Olivia Pope and Associates, or OPA to the Gladiators out there. The sleek Gladiator headquarters in Washington D.C. where all the "handling" goes down.

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Popcorn. Usually paired with a nice aged bottle of red wine. It's Olivia Pope's snack of choice and a must-have for Thursday night Scandal viewing.

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Quiver. The iconic Olivia Pope lip quiver when she's faced with a tough decision. (And also when she's faced to face with Fitz).

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Rowan Pope, the head of B-613, the father of Olivia Pope, the baddest man to ever appear on primetime. Thank you, Joe Morton, for giving this character life.

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Shonda Rhimes (duh). Without her, there'd be OPA, there'd be no Gladiators, there'd be no Scandal.

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Tom Larsen.  The President's Secret Service agent and B-613 double agent responsible for the death of little Jerry Grant (R.I.P.). Now Tom is locked up, they won't him out. Poor Tom.

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"Uh-oh." The word most uttered while watching Scandal. Something always goes down or goes wrong for Olivia Pope and Associates. Scandal keeps us on the edge our seats.

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Voldemort, David Rosen's hilarious nickname for good guy turned bad guy turned good guy, Cyrus Beene. Gotta love a surprise Harry Potter reference.

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Winter white. A staple shade in Olivia's wardrobe.

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Xerox. They copy, scan and print a lot of documents and images at OPA. Look at that window. They care about their clients but they clearly don't care about trees.

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Yellow. Like the sun. The sun that Olivia wants to stand in with Jake. When she's not making jam in Vermont with Fitz.

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"Zzzzz…" Sleep. Something you will not be getting thanks to ABC Thursday nights. But we're not mad. Staying up late for Scandal is always worth it.