Santa's Naughty and Nice Celebrity List

Santa Claus is coming to town this week and he's got his list of naughty and nice celebrities. Find out who's getting a lump of coal and who's getting a good gift.

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Oprah once again put her money where her mouth is. Back in June, the media mogul donated $12 million to the Smithsonian's African-American Museum. It was her second donation to the museum. As a thank you, a 350-seat theater will bear her name.

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Kanye West

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Alicia Keys dedicated a night of music to raising funds for her HIV/AIDS charity, Keep a Child Alive. The organization provides much-needed medication to kids in Africa and India. This year's event raised a whopping $4 million.

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Lauryn Hill served three months in prison for tax evasion this year. Thankfully, she's out and she's on tour. In January, Hill will begin her three-month home confinement sentence.

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Jamie Foxx was heavily involved in the Trayvon Martin movement this year. Back in November, Foxx held a celebrity fundraiser for the Trayvon Martin Foundation at his home. The foundation was presented with a six-figure check at the event.

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From his raunchy VMA performance to that surprising photo of him grabbing a fan's backside, Robin Thicke's been very naughty this year despite his success.

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Actress Halle Berry dedicated much of 2013 to lobbying for stricter paparazzi laws for children. Under the new law she fought for, photographers are prohibited from taking photos and video footage of kids without permission of a guardian. That deserves major kudos.

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Riri's been a bad girl in 2013… as she probably likes it. If it wasn't her Twitter feud with Teyana Taylor, it was her controversial behavior in an Abu Dhabi mosque. No matter what she did this year, it left people talking.

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Yes, Diddy has big pockets. But he has an even bigger heart. The business man donated $250,000 to the NFTE Youth Entrepreneurship challenge in New York this year.

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Where do we begin with Chris Brown? The singer had a troubled 2013. It started off pretty rocky with an alleged brawl with Frank Ocean and crew. In late summer, he ended up having an altercation in Washington, D.C. His probation was eventually revoked in December. However, he remains in rehab.

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For the third year in a row, Jennifer Hudson hosted the third annual Hatch Day for The Julian D. King Gift Foundation. Ever year, the organization gives out much-needed school supplies to Chicago kids.

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Things fell apart for Lamar Odom in 2013—or so they seemed to. Both his alleged drug binge and the end of his marriage contributed to the negative headlines bearing his name.

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Robin Roberts had an incredible 2013. She overcame her MDS diagnosis, returned to work on Good Morning America and raised awareness for the blood disease by promoting bone marrow drives. She's become a champion through it all.

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Kevin Hart was arrested and charged with two counts of driving under the influence in April. He eventually cut a deal that would drop one of his charges. He was sentenced to three years probation and three months of alcohol education courses.

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Ever year, The Steve and Marjorie Harvey Foundation gives back to kids around the country through a series of mentoring and enrichment programs. These two philanthropists are so focused and dedicated to helping African-American youth. We applaud their continued efforts.

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Miguel's crash landing performance at the 2013 Billboard Awards was the least of his problems. Back in August, Miguel was arrested for driving under the influence. He entered a not guilty plea at the time.

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Kerry Washington was named an ambassador of President Barack Obama's Committee on the Arts years ago, but she's been constantly giving back to D.C.'s poverty stricken school Savoy Elementary.

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DMX was arrested four times in 2013. Despite Iyanla Vazant's grand efforts, she couldn't fix his life. Let's hope 2014 is kinder to the troubled rapper.

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Rev. Al Sharpton became an outspoken activist for justice in the Trayvon Martin case in 2013. He, along with Jamie Foxx, devoted lots of his time to raising awareness for the Martin family.