Sandals: Full Figured & Fashionable

Take a peek at the best pair of sandals for your body type!

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Reaching for the stars?  Make sure when adding a taller heel to pick pieces with ankle straps to create the illusion of smaller feet and thinner ankles. 

Chunky Heel Sandal, Fashion Union, $55.43,

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Full Figured Beauties, remember to shop for thicker heels and wedges. Even though wedged heels may incorporate a higher arch, the wedge offers more solid support than a stiletto heel. 

Platform Sandals, T Bags LosAngeles, $290,

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Ladies, pick the perfect sandal where the arch is low and the heel is high to create the ideal support for your voluptuous figure. 

Platform Sandals, Arielle De Pinto, $495,

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Keep up with the trend in this pair of fluro pink heeled jelly sandals! 

Sandals, Topshop, $52,

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Be bold and go for a bright pop of color to draw the eye down to your fabulous legs. 

Sandals, Topshop, $45,

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Stability and comfort is important when it comes to picking sandals for your feet.  Opt out for sandaled heels that incorporate a platform to avoid any wobbling.

Platform Sandals, Modcloth, $24.99,

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Slim your physique in this pair of wooden platform sandals.  The cushioned insole will provide you with long lasting comfort throughout the day.

Platform Sandals, Nasty Gal, $150,

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Full Figured loves, make sure to incorporate a thick heel to elongate and thin your legs while still keeping support for your figure. 

Heeled Sandals, ASOS, $76.22,

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Pick up this splendid pair of slingbacks immediately.  The shoe screams comfort while the frame of the sandals will slim your foot.

Slingback Sandals, Go Jane, $13.97,

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Remember ladies,  chunky kitten heels are not only chic but they comfortably distribute your weight evenly and slenderize the foot.   

Heeled Sandals, ASOS, $76.22,


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