Ruby Amanfu

Ruby Amanfu
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 06, 2009

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The cover for Sam & Ruby’s album, “The Here & The Now,” which debuted on Aug. 11.

“Sam and I are musical soulmates,” Ruby says.

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Sam & Ruby met ten years ago at a local show and have been making sweet music ever since. Their single, “Heaven’s My Home,” was used for the award-winning film, “The Secret Life of Bees.”

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Ruby Amanfu of the duo, Sam & Ruby, says she grew up listing to traditional Ghanian songs as well as gospel greats such as Mahalia Jackson and Shirley Cesar.

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Sam & Ruby move the crowd with their duets.

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Ruby and her siblings are a triple threat.

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Ruby enjoys the outdoors.

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Ruby serenades a young audience member.

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Ruby says that her parents encouraged her to pursue her passion.


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