Romantic Night for Two

Romantic Night for Two
ESSENCE.COM Jun, 08, 2009

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Don’t let the President and First Lady have all the dating fun as a committed couple! Enjoy a special date night at home with your honey too. Keep clicking for ten fun (and frugal) ways to share a romantic evening at home with your sweetie.

You can thank us later.

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Why not whip up a tasty omelet, toast and assorted fruits for your honey and surprise him with it while he’s still in bed? And instead of sticking with a tried and true Bellini with orange juice, consider using mango or pineapple juice instead. There’s also no need to feel pressured to prepare this sexy meal during traditional breakfast hours. Enjoy this feast anytime of the day. (Just be sure you’re wearing your sexiest nightie when you serve it!)

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You have to bathe anyway, right? We suggest inviting your sweetie to take a bath with you next time you’re in the tub. Spice up things with flower petals (opt for a less costly alternative to roses) and a scented candle to complete the moment. Consider the Exhilarate candle from for maximum relaxation.

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There’s no need to blow a paycheck for dinner at some fancy-schmancy restaurant. Just have your favorite cuisine delivered to your door and eat it on your best china. Instead of drinking champagne, consider Prosecco. You can even pull out the linen napkins and tablecloths if you’re up to it.

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Get in the sports spirit and watch the big game with your man (Ladies, the NBA Finals are now playing). Whip up stadium staples: nachos, hot dogs and grab some brews. Your man will appreciate the effort and help you achieve your own homerun.

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Give your honey a massage he will never forget (or have him give you one) with dim lights, soft slow jams and a heated scented oil of your choice. We like Carol’s Daughter Ecstasy Body and Bath Oil ( If you’re pressed for time or money, substitute with baby oil and a dash of whatever essential oil you have handy in the house.

TIP: This is an activity you can enjoy once the babies are put to bed. No babysitter costs here!

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Roll up your sleeves and enjoy a sensual night of cooking with your boo. Try a simple recipe like Steak With Mushroom Gravy And Potatoes and plan ahead so all ingredients are in stock. Let music play as you prepare a delicious meal for one another and don’t forget finger-licking dessert!

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Your beau will love the picnic for two you planned right in the comfort of your abode. Pack up his favorite goodies, a blanket, your iPod and head to the backyard for some romantic QT. Don’t fret if you don’t have a backyard of your own. Your balcony, terrace, fire escape or even rooftop will be sexy substitutes.

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Move the furniture, create a fun playlist and work out the troubles of the day on the dance floor. Make it memorable with songs that were playing from your dating days, have fun with the Cupid Shuffle and spice things up with a sultry ballad or Latin beat.

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Let the big kid inside out to play with a fun night of games. Break out the board games, cards and let the good times begin. Sexologist and founder of the Center for Sex & Culture, Carol Queen, Ph.D., suggests you and your partner jot a few of your sexual fantasies on paper and throw in a hat for the other to pick. Or spice things up with frisky Twister and a massage for the winner.

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Put your passport away and go international with a night inspired by the French. Feed each other finger foods and consider investing in a fondue machine for hot chocolate for dipping. Use the language of love and sprinkle the night with french kisses.

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In these busy times and tight budgets, remember the most important part of date night is that you are together. Discover new experiences with the one you love most from the comfort of home.