On-the-road toilet training

on-the-road toilet training
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 27, 2008

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This toilet in Thailand is actually one of the cleaner ones I’ve been in.
Notice how the wash basin is in the room with the toilet?
The bowls allow you to wash your hands and private parts,
because there’s no tissue and many people aren’t in the habit of carrying their own.

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These women are called “long necks” or giraffe women" by Thais and outsiders, but call themselves Paedong.
Five brass rings are placed around the neck of little girls at age five.
As they grow older, the rings elongate the space, which they fill with more rings.
As adults, women can have 26 or 27 rings. The custom supposedly stems from attacks by tigers in ancient times.
Men were able to fight the tigers, but women had to protect themselves by covering with metal what the tigers attack first: their necks.

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This woman is of the Yao people, another hilltribe in the mountains of Thailand.
It’s hot as hell here, but looking at what she’s wearing would make you think it’s below zero.

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This girl is with the Hmong people. Two elders graciously tied this traditional
New Year’s eve head-wrap for me to take a picture.


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