Rihanna Decor

Rihanna Decor
ESSENCE.COM Dec, 13, 2009

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This capiz shell chandelier adds the perfect amount of elegance and drama to any room. The translucent shells mean it gives off a soft and warm glow. Find it at moderndose.com

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The slipcase for this limited edition 3-book set comes in a classic Chanel leather quilt and logo. Perfect on a coffee table or stylishly slotted in your bookcase, the three books celebrate the legendary style of Chanel founder Coco Chanel. Find it at assouline.com

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The Victorian feel of this super feminine nightstand will give your bedroom a modern yet chic boost. Top it with a colorful bouquet of fresh flowers or carefully placed bedside treats and your bedroom will pop. Find it at ikea.com

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Baby it’s cold outside. Pop in a flick and snuggle up under this ultra cozy sweater-like throw. The warm yellow color is the perfect antidote for a cold and gray winter. And when you’re not under it, it’ll do just fine casually draped on a couch or chair. Find it at cb2.com

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Like our muse Rihanna, make no apologies for loving feminine and vintage-y pieces. This mirrored antique dresser invokes an old world charm that’s bold and fem at the same time. Find it at anthropologie.com

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Whether toasting New Years Eve or an anniversary you’ll loving raising a glass in these effortlessly chic gold flutes. Think high-drama to complement our girl Riri. Find them at edenandeden.com

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Ebony and ivory are re-imagined in sequins, giving this pillow the right amount of oomph. On a couch or armchair, you’ll love seeing how a little sparkle can wake up any room. Find it at target.com

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This fresh scent lights up a room with hints of applewood, oakmoss and patchouli. The special candle box complete with a satin ribbon and onyx candle holder screams fabulosity. Find it at dlcompany.com

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This crystal glass perfume bottle comes with it’s own vintage dropper and is the perfect way to store your secret scent potion. Find it at anthropologie.com

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Serve up dessert in style with these eclectic 24-karat plates. And they come in the most whimsical gift box. Find them at theinglenookdecor.com

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The graphic details of this modern mirror give it an old Hollywood flair. Place in an entrance hallway or above a bed for an instant dose of glamour. Find it at moderndose.com

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These see-through chairs are clever and design-conscious but not stuffy. They’re modeled on the King Louis XVI French decor design aesthetic. And like Rihanna’s fashion they take from the old but give it a modern twist. Find them at allmodern.com


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