The Right Way to Bathe—Yes, You've Been Doing It All Wrong

Yes, there is a right way to bathe.

Virginia Lowman Mar, 23, 2016

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We all love a good soak at the end of a long day, but as your skin will show, there is a right and a wrong way to take a bath. Because you'll have some questions, we've broken it down for you. Here it is, Bathing 101. 

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Of course a good soak is super relaxing, but limit your bath time to 20 minutes—or five (average length) songs on your phone or laptop.  Any more than that and you'll dry your skin out and you'll also feel drained of energy.

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For smooth skin, opt for a gentle exfoliant. We like First Aid Beauty Cleansing Body Polish.

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Heaven is a plush towel. It's worth spending a few extra dollars on quality towels then opting for the less plush blend. Fold them behind your head and use them as a pillow while you soak or lounge around in them after you've finished. 

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Avoid taking a bath or shower right after you eat, it slows down your digestion. Take 40 minutes to yourself to let your food digest, then hop in the tub.

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A rich, lathering body oil makes all the difference in a bath. This luxurious lather is super hydrating and smells like a dream!

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Yes, there is such a thing as being too clean. Two showers or baths a day is plenty, you don't want to depleat your skin of its' natural oils.

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You can't believe everything that you see in the movies, drinking alcohol and bathing do not mix. Alcohol naturally causes your body temperature to rise by dialating your blood vessels. To regulate body temperatures and enjoy your bath, stick with water. If you need a little flavor, infuse it with a selection of your favorite fruits.

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The plusher, the better. We love these Kassatex Etoile Bath Towels ($62, at

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Dry off with a cotton towel, and pat—don't rub— your skin dry. We recommend cotton because it's a natural, breathable fabric.

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You can't go wrong with a scented candle. This bergamot, violet and cashmere musk blend is to die for.

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Want to sleep better? Take a warm bath before you hit the sheets—extra relaxation points if you incorporate lavender products to boost your relaxation.

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After a bath, replenish your skin with a rich hydrating butter or lotion. We love this deliciously scented body buter from La Belle Femme; it's also featured in our ESSENCE Beauty Box this month! And, it's Black owned!

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