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Buzzed hairstyles seem to be all the rage for up-and-coming starlets. From Rihanna's fashionable fauxhawk to Cassie and LaLa Vasquez's shaved sides, edgy cuts seem to keep these hair hoppers in the spotlight. Check out the latest fearless cuts seen in Hollywood and tell us if you have jumped on this hair trend crave.
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 19, 2009

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Buzzed hairstyles seem to be all the rage for up-and-coming starlets. From Rihanna’s fashionable fauxhawk to Cassie and LaLa Vasquez’s shaved sides, edgy cuts are helping to keep these hair hoppers in the spotlight. Check out the latest fearless cuts and learn how you can rock the do, too.

By Qianna Smith

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There’s no limit to great style, so take a cue from Eve and push the envelope when it comes to your hair. “Eve’s hair is always urban—straight off the block,” says her stylist Suzette Boozer.

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“I’ve wanted to go back short for awhile. I missed by short hair; it’s my favorite hairdo. If I had it my way my hair would be short all the time,” says model turned actress Eva Marcille.

Eva keeps her strands looking healthy and fierce by using products from Cream of Nature, Pantene Pro V line for African-American hair and Mixed Chicks.

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Legendary model and actress Grace Jones was one of the first stars to make shaving the sides of your hair chic and cool. With youth on her side, singing sensation Cassie makes her buzzed do look like a fresh new trend all over again.

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Our favorite hair trendsetter goes all out rock-n-roll with her latest do. Rihanna sported the fauxhawk with buzzed sides to push the “Good Girl Gone Bad” envelope just a little more.

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Most women update their look every now and then, but for new mom Kelis, transforming her tresses on a regular basis seems to be part of her normal beauty routine. The “Bossy” singer is known to do her hair herself, playing with bright crazy color from novelty store Ricky’s.

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UK model/lead singer of Skunk Anansie, Skin, looks lovely with this low-shaved do. If you have strong facial features like Skin, don’t be afraid to bare a bold razor cut. Erykah Badu went bald back in the early 00’s and we loved it on her gorgeous face.

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Solange Knowles is the latest celeb to say goodbye to long tresses. We are lovin’ this short sheared wash-and-wear hairstyle that is prefect for the woman who has better things to do than fuss over her hair.

Is this a hot look on Solange or should she throw the lace front back on?

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If you only want to shave one side of your hair like LaLa Vasquez, cut the longer pieces of your hair short first before you using a razor blade or electric shaver. This will help prevent cutting your scalp.

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Tough girl hipster, Keri Hilson prefers edgy over pretty. She hit the scene with a 70’s mushroom style, then turned to soft curls; now she’s rockin’ sexy sharp cuts.

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Want to rock a hot edgy do? Find out what type of cuts look best on your face shape. Experimenting with new hairstyles and the ones you’ve seen in this story when you use the ESSENCE Makeover Magic tool, today!


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