Rescue Me: TV's Hottest Heroes

Rescue Me: TV Hotties
ESSENCE.COM Mar, 11, 2009

1 of 11 NBC

Show:CSI: NY”
Character: Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Hill Harper may work with the dead on the hit drama as a coroner, but our pulses are wide awake when he appears on-screen. He won a NAACP Image Award for his depiction of the quiet doctor who still copes with the hard losses of two patients.

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2 of 11 FOX

Show: “House”
Character: Dr. Eric Foreman

Is there a doctor in the house? Yes, there most certainly is—with piercing eyes to stop you in your tracks. Dr. Foreman holds his own against the arrogant Dr. House on the hit Fox series, which is no easy feat. The quick responses to medical emergencies prove that Dr. Foreman’s patients are always in capable, strong hands.

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3 of 11 ABC

Show: “Private Practice”
Character: Dr. Sam Bennett

The accomplished actor delivers as an internal medicine specialist on the spin-off of the cult addiction “Grey’s Anatomy.” Chances are Dr. Diggs won’t need a stethoscope to hear our hearts beat whenever he lights up the screen.

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4 of 11 CBS

Character: Ray Langston

The debut of a new detective not only filled the void of actor Gary Dourdan on the show, but has paid off in ratings for the top CBS show. Fishburne’s presence reminds us why we first fell for him when he was simply known as Larry.

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5 of 11 CBS

Show: “Criminal Minds”
Character: Senior Special Agent Derek Morgan

Do Right Man Shemar Moore takes on the bad guys with the FBI on this dark CBS series. Not only is the agent fighting twisted and explosive criminals, but the demons of his own past, which include juvenile jail time and towing the line undercover. If the FBI ever kicks in our door, let’s hope Shemar Moore is on the other side.

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6 of 11 NBC

Show: “Law & Order”
Character: Detective Kevin Bernard

Watching comedian Anthony Anderson get rough and tough with criminals on NBC’s legendary crime show is truly a treat. The teddy bear quickly adjusted to his role as a rookie take-no-mess detective, bringing a welcomed freshness to one of the longest-running dramas on prime time.

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7 of 11 TBS

Show: Tyler Perry’s “House of Payne”
Characters: CJ and Calvin

It’s great to see our throwback heartthrob Allen Payne return in a big way on Tyler Perry’s hit show. As a firefighter on the sitcom, he is joined by his on-screen cousin Calvin, played by recently engaged ESSENCE 2000 Do Right Man Lance Gross. With these two, we don’t mind if things get a little hot.

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8 of 11 ABC

Show: “Lincoln Heights”
Character: Eddie Sutton

Officer Sutton is the perfect combination of a strong and commanding cop on the force and loving family man at home. Just as refreshing is the great example Hornsby is setting offscreen as a loving newlywed who holds family values close to his heart.

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9 of 11 FOX

Show: “Fringe”
Character: Homeland Security Agent Phillip Broyles

Reddick is no stranger to enforcing the law following his longtime stint on HBO’s “The Wire” as Lt. Cedric Daniels. On “Fringe,” we love to see him as the man in charge while the government investigates strange events around the world. His smoldering presence keeps us tuned in.

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10 of 11 FX

Show: “Rescue Me”
Character: Fireman Black Shawn

Larenz Tate seems right at home fighting fires on this series, and we’re enjoying the view. His quirky character is hilarious to watch. The show also answers our questions on what goes on inside a firehouse—showers and all.

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11 of 11 ABC

Show: “Grey’s Anatomy”
Character: Dr. Sheldon Hawkes

Some doctors are like fine wine and get better with time and the silver-crowned Dr. Sheldon Hawkes is one of them. As he leads his medical team, we can’t help but notice how he handles everything with care.

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