Remembering Mitrice Richardson

Remembering Mitrice Richardson
ESSENCE.COM Aug, 18, 2010

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Born on April 30, 1985.

“She was a very personable and outgoing child,” share’s Mitrice’s aunt, Lauren Sutton. “Her mother always called her a rainbow.”

“This is one of my favorite photos,” says Mitrice’s mother, Latice Sutton. “I love all my babies’ photos.”

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“She always loved word puzzles. I have a book full of Sudoku puzzles. She was a sweetheart,” Lauren adds.

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“She loved children and had aspirations of working with them,” says Lauren. “She passed her test to become a certified teacher.”

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Mitrice and her younger cousin Jonathan Sutton, 23.

“I used to get on her about talking too much to people. He says, “She was always too nice of a person in my opinion.”

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“She was into everything as a little girl. She was a cheerleader and dancer,” says her aunt Laura.

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Mitrice’s cousin Jonathan Sutton, says, “I know she liked Obama, but we really didn’t talk about politics. We talked a lot about life.”

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“We were really close.” Jonathan says. “She liked everybody.”

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A graduation photo of the cheerful Cal State Fullerton graduate.

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“There was never a thing that could bring her down. She always had a smile on her face,” says Jonathan.

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Mitrice and her little cousin.

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“She had one of those personalities that everyone loved,” explains Lauren.

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A young Mitrice smiling for the camera.

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Mitrice with her mother, father and younger sister. “She was very protective of her family,” shares Lauren.

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“She always had a smile on her face.” Jonathan says.

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Here, Mitrice takes a family photo with her mom and dad.

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“She was always fun and she lite up a room,” shares Lauren.

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“She was actively pursuing her education,” shares her mother, Latice Sutton.

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“Her favorite color was pink and she loved Bob Marley,” says her aunt Lauren.

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“We are going to miss her,” says her aunt Lauren. “She is my baby and I am going to fight for mental health laws. Mitrice Richardson is my baby and we will always remember her,” says her mom.

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