Remembering Marquel Peters

Remembering Marquel Peters
ESSENCE.COM Jan, 06, 2010

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A happy Marquel Peters smiles for the camera at the store with his mother.

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Here Marquel enjoys playing a game at a local outing in Atlanta.

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Marquel is waiting while is his mother is shopping.

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The cute little boy shares a meal with his mother, Nathalee Peters.

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A curious Marquel pose behind a beautiful tank of fish.

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A smiling Marquel shows off his store item.

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Isn’t he so adorable? The stylish boy takes a quick break in the store, holding his gold fish. Cute.

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The beaming boy flashes his million dollar smile once again.

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Marquel playing with a blue horse.

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Marquel sits in the car and takes a quick photo.

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The half-smiling boy stays seated in the shopping cart.

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Nathalee shares a candid shot with her happy son.

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It looks like someone really loves Spiderman!

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Nathalee helps her baby son.

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The jolly child tries on some sunglasses in a department store.


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