Reel Life: Zoe Saldana's Roles

Reel Life: Zoe Saldana's Roles
ESSENCE.COM Feb, 24, 2010

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Classically-trained in ballet, Zoe Saldana got her start in 2000 as a gifted, though, tortured dancer in “Center Stage.”

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Saldana joined Britney Spears and Taryn Manning for the coming-of-age adventure, “Crossroads,” written by “Grey’s Anatomy’s” head-honcho, Shonda Rhimes.

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Though they had a bumpy start, we couldn’t help but root for Laila and Devon (Nick Cannon) in the spirited drama, “Drumline.”

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Saldana starred as Billy Dee Williams’ daughter who finally gets the loves she needs from her distant father in the 2007 indie feature, “Constellation.”

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The actress held her own alongside late comedian, Bernie Mac, in the family comedy, “Guess Who.”

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Saldana was all laughs when she starred in the teen comedy, “Dirty Deeds.”

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In 2008, Saldana starred as a reporter in the political thriller, “Vantage Point,” which uncovered the details of an attempted Presidential assassination.

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Audiences were shaking in their seats when they saw “The Skeptic,” which starred Saldana as a psychic who tries to help a man uncover the secrets of his haunted house.

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Saldana kicked off summer 2009 by reprising the role of Uhura in the blockbuster film, “Star Trek.” We’re sure she made Nichelle Nichols proud.

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In her second blockbuster of ’09, Saldana breathed beautiful life into Neytiri for the 3-D gem, “Avatar.” The film has earned over $1 billion in worldwide box office receipts.

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Saldana is gearing up to claim summer 2010 with the action thriller, “The Losers.” She leads an all-star cast including Idris Elba and Columbus Short.