Reel Life: Forest Whitaker

Reel Life: Forest Whitaker
ESSENCE.COM Mar, 17, 2010

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Whitaker is clearly about his business in the futuristic action thriller, “Repo Man.”

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Whitaker shares top-billing with his on-screen partner, Jude Law, for “Repo Man.”

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It was a pleasure to watch as the dramatic actor lightened things up for the family comedy, “Our Family Wedding.” Here, he is pictured with co-star, Regina King.

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Whitaker portrayed a rule-bending LAPD Captain in the crime drama, “Street Kings.” He is pictured with his co-star, Hugh Laurie.

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In 2008, Whitaker joined the all-star cast of “Vantage Point.” The action thriller featured him a tourist caught in the melee of a Presidential assassination attempt.

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“The Air I Breathe” was based on an ancient proverb which suggests that life is broken down into four, components: happiness, pleasure, sorrow and love. Quite fittingly, Whitaker portrayed “Happiness.”

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Whitaker delivered a chilling performance of late Ugandan dictator, Idi Amin, in “The Last King of Scotland.” He earned a well-deserved Academy Award for Best Actor for his efforts.

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Whitaker starred with fellow Oscar winner, Jeff Bridges, in the explosive thriller, “Blown Away.”

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Whitaker joined John Travolta for the sci-fi thriller, “Battlefield Earth.”

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As an abusive husband and father named Maddog, Whitaker terrorized his on-screen family in “Jason’s Lyric.” His co-stars included Jada Pinkett Smith, Allen Payne and Bokeem Woodbine.

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For the 1999 drama, “Light It Up,” Whitaker starred alongside Usher and Vanessa Williams.

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“Article 99” featured Whitaker as Dr. Sid Handleman, a dedicated physician who works in an overcrowded, understaffed hospital.


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