Reel Life: Don Cheadle

Reel Life: Don Cheadle
ESSENCE.COM May, 06, 2010

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Don Cheadle is co-starring in this summer’s biggest hit, “Iron Man 2.” The movie opened up and earned the number five spot in film history’s biggest opening weekends. Let’s take a look back this thespian’s very impressive resume, to see all the maybe characters Cheadle has breathed life into.

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in 2000’s “Traffic” by Steven Soderbergh, Cheadle played a DEA officer on the hunt for one of the largest drug distributors in the US.

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In this Christmas film that was made in the same vein as “It’s a Winderful Life,” Cheadle plays allows a rich miserable man a peek into what his life could’ve been.

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In 2001’s "Swordfish, Cheadle played an FBI agent who is up against a brilliant hacker.

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In the sequel to the Chris Tucker and Jackie Chan blockbuster, Cheadle plays a man who runs a gambling ring for a sordid Asian clientele.

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In this remake, Cheadle plays Basher Tarr, the best demolition man in town.

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In this 1998 film, Cheadle plays a criminal that goes head to head with George Clooney.

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In 2004, the gang returned to the big screen for another high-stakes heist. Hilarity ensued.

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In this captivating film, Cheadle shines as a hotel owner in the middle of a civil war that threatens his family and community. The film received three Academy award nominations, including Best Actor for Cheadle.

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In the true story of “Petey” Greene, Cheadle plays one of the biggest DC radio DJs of the era.

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The recipe for success for this franchise was the different character actors playing off one another.

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In “Reign Over Me,” Cheadle is reunited with his college roommate through the tragedy of 9/11, and explores how it has shaped their two lives.

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In 2004’s “Crash,” Cheadle plays a weathered detective in one of the many intertwined storylines.

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in 2008’s “Traitor,” Cheadle takes on the role of a villain bomb expert linked to terrorist bombings.

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In Antoine Fuqua’s latest film, Cheadle plays an undercover cop, Tango, protects a drug kingpin.

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Cheadle replaces Terrence Howard in the role of Rhodey, or War Machine, a friend and ally of Iron Man. This marks Cheadle’s first blockbuster action hero role, but will not be his last. He has already signed on for “The Avengers,” slated for 2012. And we’re sure that “Iron Man 3” is not far behind.


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