Red Carpet Eye Candy: Oscar Hunks Edition

On the Academy Awards show red carpet last night the men were the real scene stealers. See our favorite dapper darlings!

Charli Penn Feb, 23, 2015

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Common looked flawless before and after he won his "Best Song" Oscar trophy. Cheers to this bald, beautiful and talented brother who continues to climb to new career heights year-after-year.

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Scene stealer alert: Good Morning America host Michael Strahan showed up dressed to impress and manicured to perfection. Thanks, Mike!

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There was no shortage of handsome on last night's red carpet. Hello there, Mr. Ejiofor!

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Fashion-forward and always posed to perfection, Mr. Legend knows how to turn it on for the cameras.

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Last night all eyes were on David Oyelowo, who starred in Ava Duvernay's best picgture nominated biopic Selma and brought Dr. King's legacy back to life.

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Actor Channing Tatum will forever be our Magic Mike.

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Whether you're digging his Lincoln commericals or not, there's no denying Matthew McConaughey's effortless sex appeal. We're glad the 2014 best actor winner returned for the festivities.

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Chris Pine makes our "multi-culti" cutie crush list every single time.

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Funnyman Kevin Hart meant serious business on last night's red carpet.

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Pratt makes our list for being a walking tutorial on how to best rock a tux, Oscar-style.

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Empire star Terrence Howard may have been a little extra emotional on stage during his presentaiton, but we felt the exact same way the moment we first saw him step onto the red carpet with a little "Lucious Lyons" swag.