Record Breaking Celebs

Record Breaking Celebs
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 27, 2010

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Beyonce and Jay-Z are making and breaking records, and we’re not talking about album sales. Admittedly the most powerful couple in hip hop and R&B made headlines last week when they were inducted into the Guinness Book Of World Records.

The Carters have been added to the 2010 edition of the respected record book for being the “highest earning power couple” after collectively earning $122 million since their marriage in 2004 through June 2009. It comes to no surprise that the dynamic duo made the cut, and they’ll be joined by Lady Gaga, another megastar who’s been named the “Most Searched-For Female.”

Since the creation of the first book in 1955, people still remain smitten by records making the GBWR, the biggest-selling copyrighted book of all time, by 2004 selling more than 92 million copies. The records included in the Guinness book are often debated for value and ethics, because a large part on the content included are pretty zany. Records for “woman with longest cheek sags” and “man who can wear the most T-shirts” exist, which got us thinking if people are breaking records for things that silly why not make our own with our favorite celebs.
Check’s picks for celebrities that are breaking records.

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RECORD: “Entertainment’s Most Multi-Faceted Family” – The Smiths. Will, Jada, Jaden, Willow, and Trey. Two mega movie stars, a rapper, a recording artist, a football player, two TV producers, and a Karate Kid.

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RECORD: “Largest Collection of Sunglasses” – Sean Combs. When is this guy not wearing shades? If you think Diddy would repeat a pair, think again.

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RECORD: “Man With the Most Ridiculous Laugh” – Eddie Murphy. His guttural laugh is so silly, when we hear it he might as well be telling a joke.

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RECORD: “Loudest Talk Show Host” – Mo’Nique. We love her, but that “Yassss baby,” kills our ears every time.

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RECORD: “Highest Paid Baby Mama” – Kelis. New baby Knight + Rapper Ex-Husband Nas = $97,000 a month.

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RECORD: “Most Rumored Relationships in a Year”
Selita Ebanks.
This supermodel needs to do more walking down the runway and less in and out of men’s lives.

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RECORD: “Weirdest Hand Gestures on a Stage Performer” – Drake. We can’t understand his epileptic right hand when he raps.

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RECORD: “Singer to Hit the Highest Note” – Mariah Carey. This one is easy— Mariah’s voice can break glass. Whitney would of taken it for longest note holder.

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RECORD: “Man With the Most Haters” – Barack Obama. Even with all them haters, Obama brushes it off and stands strong under pressure.

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RECORD: “The Most Powerful Woman” – Oprah. Who did you think we going to say?

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RECORD: “Woman with the World Fastest Growing Ass” – Nicki Minaj. She really would make the world’s best endorser for the padded panties company Booty Pop.

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RECORD: Hip Hop’s Most Cosmetic Surgeries – Lil Kim. It started with the breasts, then the nose, then the stomach, then the lips, then the ass, and then….

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RECORD: “Best Aged Woman” – Halle Berry. Hands down one of the world’s most beautiful women, at age 44 she doesn’t look a day over 28 with or without makeup.


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