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Bravo's Fashion Queens are back with another fierce season and giving ESSENCE.com the tea on some recent red carpet moments.

ESSENCE.COM Oct, 31, 2013

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Bevy Smith: "That's one heavenly body! A lot of the times when she's being critiqued a lot of people forget that one: she's a model and two: she's a fun girl so she's going to take chances."

Derek J: "She looks fabulous."

Lawrence: "Category closed honey, I'm sorry!"

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Bevy: "Here's what I think happened: she's over a size 6 and I bet she worked with a stylist and I bet the stylist did not know how to dress a woman with curves because that is what always happens. They tend to put you in drapey things or a wrap moment. And that's a pretty dress, but she's far too young for this dress."

Lawrence: "I don't like it. Had she wore that for Halloween, it would've been perfect."

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Derek J: "Tina Knowles shut the Angel Ball down, honey!"

Bevy: "She looks amazing, she's snatched to the Gods and this is the epitome of 'she get it from her mama.'"

Derek J: "This is the best Ms. Tina has ever looked!"

Lawrence: "I love it because she's channeling Cher, and I live for Cher! And if I say somebody is channeling Cher that is nothing but grace."

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Bevy: "She is a woman who has a man that loves her style, and that gives you the confidence to do whatever and break all the rules!"

Lawrence: "I just don't see the boots with that dress."

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Bevy: "Selita looks gorgeous. First of all, I love jade."

Lawrence: "I need a little more color on her face. A little color on the lip, it could've been a pink."

Bevy: "But she had all the color on her body and she was giving you severity, honey!"

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Bevy: "She's hitting all the trends of the moment, she's giving us beading and she's giving us a see-through silhouette, so bravo!"

Lawrence: "I think the jumpsuit is everything but the hair completely takes away from it."

Derek J: "I think it just all goes together. It brings back this whole 70s moment to me."

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Bevy: "I saw Eve perform at Black Girls Rock and she looked smashing. Now, this is a bit of a lady dress and I wore a day dress to Black Girls Rock, but I was not performing. I would've liked to have seen Eve in more of an evening look for Black Girls Rock."

Lawrence: "I think this dress looks older. I say this because I'm used to the old Eve. Back in the day Eve used to slay with the thigh high boots and the moto jackets. That's the Eve I'm used to."

Derek J: "Yes, it looks matronly."

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