QUIZ: Are You Ready To Be A Girlfriend?

Before you say farewell to your single days, take this quiz to find out if you’re really ready for something serious.

The Matchmaking Duo Nov, 06, 2015

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The Matchmaking Duo knows exactly what it looks like when a woman is ready to say goodbye to her single days and give love and commitment a try. Think you're ready? Take this quiz first! How To Take The Quiz: Keep track of exactly how many reasons apply to you, then check out the results at the end.

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So you’ve been single for quite a while now and have enjoyed going and coming as you please. But, now it is more important to be considerate of not only your time but also reallocating your schedule to make room for him too. Have you made a little space for his love in your life?

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Do you know his favorite juice or snacks?  What would make him smile? Are you thinking about him like he’s thinking about you?

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Does everything that he says match what he does? Do you have full access to him any time of the day or night? That’s a great sign. Plus, it shows you’re able to see his worth and his value as a potential partner.

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Have you opened up to him beyond your comfort level? Oftentimes relationships function on the surface. But it’s really important to peel back and share additional layers of your heart. As a result, you will develop a deeper level of intimacy and it will help him piece together the puzzle of how you arrived to be the woman you are today.

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It’s important to observe his decision-making patterns and share yours as well. Be prepared to compromise and trust him to step in on your behalf when needed.

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Yes, you have goals and dreams. But, guess what? He does, too. Have you considered how to incorporate both? Make his goals equally as important and embrace them as if they are yours.

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If you show up at his job for lunch, will his coworkers know your name? Are you invited to family gatherings, holiday dinners? Do his close friends know and embrace you as part of the crew? That’s a great sign that he is proud of you and is thinking long-term.

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Are topics such as the desire to have children, merging families and finances as well as faith expectations openly discussed? Can you clearly see how things would work out? Another amazing sign you can move forward.

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How many did you answer favorably?

1-4? - Give it more time! No need to rush things and get serious before you’re ready.

5-7? - You’re getting somewhere. Discuss “what’s next” together and make sure your relationships goals are a match.

ALL 8? - Congratulations, you’ve arrived!