Quick Change: Hot Hairstyles in Two Minutes

Everyone wants gorgeous hair, but few of us have the time it takes to reproduce complicated celeb 'dos at home. Well, if you have time to brush your teeth or wait for a Pop Tart heat up, you can create these simple-but-sexy A-list looks! From Joy Bryant's easy, breezy pinned-back 'do to Alicia Keys' wash-and-go curls, these are our favorite quick change hairstyles.
ESSENCE.COM Apr, 23, 2010

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Recreate this look by pin curling your hair at night. In the morning, release the curls and lightly tousle.

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Alicia Keys’ natural curls are the perfect combination of cute, sexy, and easy! Simply apply a leave-in conditioner like Carol’s Daughter Hair Milk ($12, sephora.com), scrunch, diffuse, and pull the top half back in an elastic ponytail holder.

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Sometimes the easiest, quickest hairstyles look the fanciest. To recreate Tia Mowry’s deceptively complicated-looking red carpet coif, simply create a side part, sweep hair to one side and twist into a loose bun. Leave out bangs and a few face-framing tendrils.

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There’s nothing sexier than a slightly “undone” updo—and it only takes minutes to achieve. Recreate Rachel Roy’s high topknot by sweeping long hair (or a fall) into a super-high pony, twisting it into a bun, and then gently picking out random strands with the sharp end of a fine-tooth comb.

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If you have long layers, a side ponytail a’la Keisha Whitaker is a quick, easy way to look chic. To do, gather hair into a slightly off-center pony at the nape of your neck, leaving out bangs.

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Halle Berry’s signature pixie cut manages to be both incredibly sexy and edgy at the same time! The best part? It takes two seconds to style. Wrap your hair in a silk scarf at night to keep the sides flat, and in the AM, run a lightweight wax like Rene Furturer Styling Wax ($23) between hands and then finger-tousle the top portion.

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A great way to add oomph to a long blowout is to part it on the side and slide in a prim bobby pin, like Lyndsey Scott at a Tommy Hilfiger’s Fall show.

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What’s easier—and faster—than a super-sleek, high ponytail? On bad hair days, simply slick hair into a tight ponytail at the crown of your head, and attach a long, swingy fall. Instant glamour!

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To instantly glamify natural curls, twist the back of the hair into a casual chignon, securing with bobby pins (it doesn’t have to be perfect—the messier, the better!). Allow the top and sides to fall naturally.

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Need to get glam in a flash? Take a cue from Lala's skinny headband—not only does it immediately add a certain chic to your ’do, it helps keep flyaways and frizzy roots in place!


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