Queen Bey's Best Hair Moments

Superstar Beyoncé rarely misses a beat when it comes to her flawless locks. Here's a look at some of B's best looks.
Deena Campbell Sep, 04, 2014

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We’re crazy in love with this Beyoncé look. Luscious sandy blonde waves enhance a sexy performance.

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Beyoncé keeps it ultra-sleek on the red carpet. The gold and honey undertones are the perfect accessory to her complexion.

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We love that Beyoncé played Etta James in “Cadillac Records,” but we’re not liking the short, blonde wig that comes with the role.

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Beyoncé looks like the belle of the ball in this Cinderella-inspired updo.

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We love Beyoncé’s signature look: silky, side-swept waves with honey highlights.

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Who needs awards when you have gorgeous golden tresses? These cascading locks have the mark of sophistication.

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Mama Knowles, is that you? Mrs. B takes on her mother’s classic style: flowing dark brown hair and accentuated red lips.

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Who could forget this classic look? This time, Beyoncé swept all those cascading curls into a high-volume bun, reminding us who wears the crown. All hail the queen.

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Beyoncé channels Cher with this seventies-inspired look. You’ve got us, babe.

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Beyoncé is a whole lot of woman with a whole lot of hair, and we love it! Voluminous, golden-touched curls: that’s enough to rock anyone’s world.

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Heyyyy, Mrs. Carter! We love when Beyonce tosses her long, blonde locks over her left shoulder. 


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