PYT Alert! See Why Trainer Daniel Royal Georges Is Our New #MCM

From his smooth chocolate skin to his strong chiseled abs, Haitian fitness trainer Daniel Royal Georges can't get any closer to perfection. Meet the hunk currently turning heads on the beaches of Miami.

Charli Penn Nov, 30, 2015

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“Nothing excites me more than a confident woman,” says Georges. We love them too!

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Georges says a woman's sexiest qualities are her "hair, her eyes and her feet." Ladies, are those pedicures on point?

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What would a “perfect” date be like with this cutie? “I’d take a beautiful woman out to the park where we’d set up a picnic brunch on the grass,” he says. “Our brunch menu would consist of pizza and ice cream.”

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Georges is a professional car salesman and a person trainer.

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Georges found his passion very early on in his life. “In high school I developed an interest in the fitness industry that led me into becoming a full time personal trainer and model,” he tells us.

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“Growing up in Miami was the best,” Georges tells us. “I was raised in a Haitian household with strict parents. They made sure I was in the books studying before asking to go out and play with friends. I was well disciplined.”

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After staring at Georges’ physique, we just had to ask him to reveal a few workout secrets. He was kind enough to share: “Always stretch and foam roll before and after every workout. Keep hydrated at all times. Supplement correctly. Kill every set like it’s your last!”

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"My personal motto is simply 'never give up,'" says Georges. We couldn't agree more.

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We asked Georges what he might do to impress a woman he was into, and boy do we love his answer: ”I would send her a box of chocolate with my name embedded in the middle and also some flowers,” he says.

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“We Haitians know how to throw down in the kitchen,” says Georges. “My favorite dish to cook is shrimp alfredo. That’s my weakness!”

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"The bravest thing I ever did was quit my 9-to-5 to pursue my dreams," he says.

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“When I feel like giving up, I would definitely say my daughter Jada inspires me to keep going,” Georges tells us. “She is everything to me. She is the reason why I breathe. My drive comes from her.”

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We love it when cuties reveal their vulnerabilities and guilty pleasure for the ESSENCE ladies. Georges tells us he’s afraid of spiders and has a serious sweet tooth. Aww! We won't tell.

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“I am most happy when I am laying down in bed,” says Georges. “I get to reflect on life and I’m really grateful to wakeup everyday and do what I love.”