From The Pros: Makeup Safety Tips For Your Eyes

Sure you wear makeup everyday, but did you know you could potentially be damaging your eyes? Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler, an internationally-renowned eye surgeon and a pioneer of Keratoconus treatments, LASIK, and other advanced surgical techniques shares a few safety tips you should know before wearing your next favorite eyeshadow.

Deena Campbell Oct, 22, 2015

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“Choose eyeliners that wash off easily to prevent blepharitis,” says Wachler. Blepharitis is an abnormality that causes the eyelids to become inflamed (swollen), and bacteria coating the eyelids.

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“Never sleep in makeup,” says Wachler. Removing makeup gives your skin a chance to breathe and refresh for the next day.

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Keep eyeliner pencils sharpened. Having a dull eye pencil can cause rips and bruises to you eyelids, allowing bacteria and infections to set in.

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“Wash your hands and face before and after use,” says Wachler. Hands and fingertips are a breeding ground for bacteria. Always wash them before applying makeup.

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Avoid sharing makeup. Just because your bestie doesn’t look like she has an infection, doesn’t mean she can’t have one. Play it safe and never share your makeup.


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