From The Pros: How To Pull Off Colored Lipstick

With summer fast approaching, bring on the brights!  If you tend to shy away from bold lip hues, these 10 tips from celeb makeup artist Melissa Hibbert will help you rock color with confidence.

Nicole Marie Melton May, 12, 2015

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The first step to wearing a bold lip is exuding confidence. "Give yourself permission to wear a bright lip," says Hibbert. "A lot of women are intimidated because of preconceived notions or a bad experience trying on a color in the past. Don't be afraid to start fresh and be bold."

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Bright lips are just about everywhere, so if you're new to color, scan your favorite magazines or websites for inspiration. "Women of color look great in orange, red, and magenta lip shades," says Hibbert. "You'll see everyone from Rihanna to Kerry Washington wearing those colors, so take your inspiration from them."

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"I encourage exfoliating your lips first. You can use a store-bought exfoliator or you an make an at-home exfoliator with brown sugar and a little bit of coconut oil. Rub it on your lips until you have a smooth base." We love the Bliss Pout-O-Matic, which gently exfoliates lips with the Bliss Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub. ($48, Sephora)

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Create a primed canvas by smoothing on a dab of foundation or concealer all over your lips before adding color. "This will create an even-toned base underneath your color and also helps your lipstick to last longer," says Hibbert.

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A bold lip color should compliment your attire, not match it. "Don't match your lip color to your wardrobe," advises Hibbert. "Look up the color wheel on Google and learn what colors are complimentary to each other. If you're wearing a green dress, try a red lip.  If you're wearing a blue dress, wear an orange lip."

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"These lipsticks offer long-lasting color with high pigment," says Hibbert. ($50, shades vary, Bergdorf Goodman)

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"Apply two layers of the lipstick for the best impact," says Hibbert.  "You can apply directly from the tube or using a lip brush.  After the first coat, take a piece of tissue and blot your lips. Then, add another layer of the lipstick on top.  That will ensure it stays put."

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"When opting for a glossy finish, layer the color in three coats so you can get the true pigment. Look for full coverage lip glosses, otherwise no matter how many times you apply, you won't have rich color," says Hibbert.

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"These glosses offer full coverage in a wide range of high-shine shades," says Hibbert. ($16, colors vary, Sheeq Cosmetics)

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"Use a small flat brush with a small amount of your foundation on it to clean up the perimeter of your lips," says Hibbert. "This allows you to have a flawless lip application and prevents the color from bleeding or smudging."

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"Add translucent powder around the perimeter of the lip to seal in that color and keep it from bleeding," shares Hibbert.  She reccommends Laura Mercier's Loose Setting Powder ($37, Sephora).

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"Translucent powder can also help to dull some of the shine if you want a more matte color.  Press a piece of tissue onto your lips and then brush the powder onto the tissue.  This will help absorb some of the shine but still leave you with bright color," says Hibbert.

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Using your lip liner for full coverage is a great way to achieve bold, lasting color. "You can use your lip liner as a matte lip color, too," says Hibbert.  "Outline your lips and fill it in with the pencil."

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"These Bobbi Brown lipsticks truly offer full coverage that last hours on end," says Hibbert. ($26, colors vary, Bobbi Brown)

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Melissa R. Hibbert is a celebrity makeup artist and entrepreneur who has expanded her beauty brand to include her makeup line SHEEQ Cosmetics, web-series Behind The Glam, national event Beauty and the Business and her firm, The GLAM Agency. Follow her on Instagram.


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