From The Pros: How To Get the Perfect Brows

Every face deserves a perfect frame, and one way to bring out your best is to keep your brows sharply groomed. We caught up with brow expert Shokou Shahidi Rezvani, lead stylist at Thread Eyebrows in West Hollywood, to give us a few tips on whipping your brows into shape.

Nicole Marie Melton Aug, 27, 2012

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Initial brow shaping should be left in the hands of a pro. Left to your own devices, it’s easy to overpluck. “It’s best to go to a professional,” says brow expert Shokou Shahidi Rezvani, lead brow stylist at Thread Eyebrows in West Hollywood.

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The best brows follow their natural brow shape, so don’t be tempted to copy a brow shape based on your preferences or the latest trend. “The original shape is the best shape for your face,” says Rezvani. “These days everyone wants arched eyebrows, arched brows don’t fit everyone’s face.”

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The slant tip on these tweezers grasps ultra-fine hairs firmly while its stainless steel handles with contoured grip offer precision and control.

$10.99, available at Ulta.

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If you must shape your brows in between professional visits, only tweeze the obvious hairs closer to the eyelid and avoid taking hairs from the top where it’s harder to determine if they will affect your overall brow shape. And beware of over-plucking! “If the eyebrow has been plucked too thin, it can take over a year to grow them back to their fullest,” says Rezvani.

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For natural-looking, long-lasting coverage, this marker will fill in your brows beautifully.

$19.95, available at Touchback.

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Create natural, full brows with this lightweight, sheer to medium coverage brow compact.

$22, available at Sephora.

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Get a touch of brow tint along with a mix of glycerin, honey suckle flower extract, and sage which helps to strengthen your brows.

$22, available at Per-fekt.


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