PROMOTION: Chic Busy Mom Shops for Fall

These items help make back-to-school season a breeze.

Chic Busy Mom Aug, 29, 2013

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Although I put the kids' names on all their stuff, I still like backpacks (for the older kids) that stand out so they don’t get mixed up with the other kids’ stuff.

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My kids like warm food for lunch so I buy these Thermos containers when I want to send the kids to school with hot food. They really do work.

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The little ones want to fill their backpacks with fun items like crayons and pencil holders, so a collapsible lunch container is perfect for only taking up a limited amount of space.

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An animated lunch bag is a cute take on a classic back-to-school must-have.

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I love this container for storing soup lunches in. It keeps things hot throughout the day and the carry handle makes it easy for the kids to hold securely.

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Fall brings a drastic weather change so we always start back with new rain boots, coats and umbrellas. Love these bright blue boots for my littlest one.

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Cooler evenings for the kids call for a good hoodie.

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Get the kids some funky fleece pajamas that they're excited to wear. It makes the transition from summer to fall attire that much easier.

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I like to store the kids' extra clothes in these super cute printed bins that double up as great room decor.

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Out with the old, in with the new. Time to pack up the warm weather clothes to make room for all the kids' new dress-to-impress duds. I pack up these bins and put them in the basement until spring creeps around again.

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When fall comes around, so do the heavier shoes and boots. This rack will keep my foyer organized and less messy.

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Back to school means more library books, more papers—more everything. I need this bookshelf for all the kids' new books. I’ll also put a few baskets into it to grab all the loose papers that end up on the piano and floor.