Products We Love: Top Treatments to Promote Hair Growth

Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp. Get longer, lusher locks with these easy treatments to stimulate your scalp.

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This stimulating scalp soother is a dream come true for winter dandruff blues. It contains tea tree oil and lemon extract to combat scalp irritation and salicylic acid to reduce flaking.  Cypress oil and organic carrots provide essential moisture.

$7.99, available at Target.

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This shampoo increases scalp circulation for a refreshed, renewed feeling that stimulates hair growth.

$8.50, available at EDEN BodyWorks

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This serum is a nourishing treatment designed to reduce bacteria that can build up underneath your sew-in. Ylang ylang and cedar extract reduce fungus, while the sunflower oil works to soothe the scalp.

$14, available at Jane Carter Solution.

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Clean and exfoliate the scalp while hydrating thirsty tresses with this moisture-rich mask.

$6, select drug stores

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This scalp spray purifies hair at the root, within the follicle, and polishes away build-up from the scalp to ensure a healthier growing environment.

$22, available at Carol's Daughter

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It’s easy to develop a dry, itchy scalp while wearing braids, so be sure to apply a gentle moisturizer to soothe the scalp and keep new growth frizz-free.

$4.98, available at Walmart.

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Stimulate and soothe uncomfortable oily scalp between washings with this gentle scalp exfoliant containing tea tree and olive oil.

$2.70, available at Folica.

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Control dandruff and promote a healthy scalp with this pre-shampoo treatment that helps gently exfoliate and balance the scalp.

$20, available at Kiehl's

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This peptide complex—designed for thinning hair—is loaded with a blend of follicle boosting ingredients to nourish the scalp and encourage naturally thicker, stronger, healthier looking hair.

$45, available at