7 Amazing Post-Baby Beauty Products for Skincare-Loving Moms

Here are a few outstanding beauty products that new moms can feel good about using. Take notes! 

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Kermit was right: "It ain't easy being green!" But in this case, I'm referring to green beauty.

As a devoted skin care enthusiast who prides herself on being an actual product guinea pig, navigating my routine was challenging post-baby. As a breastfeeding mom, you have to be very careful in terms of what you use on your skin. Not only do you not want to use products that might cross your breast milk, you also want to be particularly conscious of what you use on your skin, as your skin will most certainly be in close contact with baby's skin (All day cuddles? Yes, please!).

So, while it's always best to check with your doctor first, I've pulled together a list of products that new moms can feel good about using!

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Target post-baby cellulite and stretch marks with this all-natural, caffeine infused body scrub. Jojoba and almond oils provide a mega dose of head-to-toe hydration, while antioxidants work to fight free radicals and soften the signs of aging skin. Coffee - it's not just for breakfast anymore.

To buy: California Scrub Co. "Babe in the Woods" Organic Coffee Scrub, $24


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Double-duty beauty is the way to go. It saves money and cuts down on excessive products crowding your tiny apartment. This argan oil and shea butter enriched hair softener is free of chemicals, dyes, and synthetics. It's a co-washing unicorn!

To buy: The Honest Company Perfectly Gentle Conditioner, $9.95


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Every momma in the history of momma's will attest, we need help achieving the 'glow'. Enter RMS Luminizer. Reverse the effects of sleepless nights with this natural wonder. Made entirely of raw, organic ingredients, this is like your personal lighting crew in a teeny tiny pot.

To buy: RMS Luminizer, $38

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Made from a dozen edible oils, BITE beauty relies on natural ingredients to create their intensely pigmented lipsticks. Organic butters and citrus extracts make the formulation and absolute dream on lips. Baby won't love the red smudges on his cheeks, but it's good to know that your favorite lippie won't irritate your little love muffin either.

To buy: BITE Beauty "Amuse Bouche" Lipstick, $26


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Invest in a skincare line that is both effective and non-toxic. Restorsea PRO is a naturally derived, medical grade skincare range of targeted treatment for face and eyes. The secret ingredient: Norwegian salmon enzyme...and it's truly transformative!

To buy: Restorsea Pro Line, $65 - $195

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Say bye-bye bacteria with these artist-quality, eco-friendly makeup brushes. My little girl loves playing with my makeup brushes (like mother like daughter!)...so it's great to have beauty tools that are safe for little ones to play and pretend.

To buy: Urban Decay "Good Karma" Brushes, $20-39


8 of 8 Avalon Organics

Most nights, there's simply no time for a proper face wash. Moms, Amiright? Luckily, these detoxifying towelettes (made from sustainably-sourced, biodegradable cloth) exist. Stash them on your night stand (better yet, near baby's crib) and treat your skin to a skin brightening blend of Vitamin C and White Tea. Every mom needs these!

To buy: Avalon Organics Intense Defense Detoxifying Towelettes, $6.99



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