Political Bachelors

Political Bachelors
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 08, 2009

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President Barack Obama may be off the market, but their are still a few good single men in politics. Newark Mayor Cory Booker has captured the attention of a nation with his dedication to turning the troubled New Jersey city around. And witnessing the loving and long marriage of his parents, the 40-year-old busy bachelor may finally have time for a love of his own.

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We do love Love! The Duke grad became one of the most important people in the world as President Obama’s “body man” on the campaign and now in the White House. The accomplished athlete also caught the eyes of many ladies as one of People and ESSENCE magazine’s most eligible bachelors last year.

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Georgia State Senator Reed celebrated his 40th birthday this summer in style and is staying busy with his campaign to become Atlanta’s next Mayor. With less than 100 days to the election, he remains one of the city’s most eligible bachelors.

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This Harvard grad has had a full career in politics and, at 62, he continues to represent his Virgina district on Capitol Hill in style.

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With his new Urban Policy master’s degree from the President’s alma mater in tow, Simpson, 30, is ready to roll up his sleeves in Harlem, as he campaigns for a seat on New York’s City Council. He shares his hope for a fabulous First Lady of his own like Mrs. Obama.

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This New York State Senator now serves the Brooklyn neighborhood he grew up in, and shows off his city fashion sense.

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Everything is bigger in Texas, including the heart and work ethic of U.S. Congressman Green. This distinguished gentleman is still working for the people at 61.

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This southern preacher and activist gives a voice to the voiceless in Atlanta. At 31, he wowed many with his heartfelt campaign against longtime U.S. Representative John Lewis last summer and continues to be watched as a young leader in the making.