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ESSENCE.COM Aug, 26, 2008

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Lyfe is excited for the release of his third album Lyfe Change.

“On this album, I really give myself something to shoot for. We’re all looking to change our lives at some point and to elevate ourselves,” he says.

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“I think I’m a great writer—conceptually and lyrically,” Lyfe says. “I believe I can take anything and write about it and make it funny, sexy, cool or hip—I can do it all.”

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Lyfe beams in the sunlight, sharing how fatherhood has been his most life-altering experience.

“I always look at my kids as a big change,” he says. “Making time with home as well as music, you have to learn when to choose between the kids and your music, and the future and the present to make the right decisions for the right reasons.”

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“Jesus Swings—that’s the name of my label,” Lyfe says. “For me, He’s on a swing, which represents the back and forth movement of a pendulum, which is sort of how we deal with life’s situations trying to decide what our next move is.”

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Along with being an artist and running his record label, Lyfe also enjoys writing children’s books and designing furniture and jewelry.

“Children have so many ideas of what they want to be when they grow up and they struggle to pick one idea that they can stick to,” he says. “But no one ever takes the time to tell kids that you can try one thing and that they have a lot of times to try something new.”

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Lyfe also plants trees at correctional facilities across the country through his Tree for Lyfe Foundation.

“The reason it’s important is because the trees symbolize life outside of what’s going on in the inside for these dudes,” he says. “If they can see and talk to someone like myself who has been in their same situation, it gives them hope.”

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Lyfe looks forward to learning a great deal from new manager Mathew Knowles.

“The strong suit is he’s looking to do something big outside of Destiny’s Child and therefore he works a little harder so that he has something else on the line and doesn’t become known only as the ‘Destiny’s Child Man.’ "

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“Honestly, I really don’t care if anyone remembers me because I think a great song will outlive the artist.” Lyfe says. “In the end, the mission is always greater than the man. For me, the greatest form of flattery would be for someone wanting to remake one of my songs.”


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