PHOTOS: ESSENCE's #IAmTheDream Campaign

In commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, ESSENCE reached out to our readers to hear what they've achieved thanks to the heroes of the Civil Rights Movement. The #IAmTheDream campaign invited women to post a selfie along with a caption telling us how they're living 'The Dream.'

ESSENCE.COM Aug, 28, 2013

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#iamthedream I have been named VP of Marketing for Platinum Wigs. I have lupus and was able to start my own business which lead to being a recruited executive for a million dollar hair company.

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My name is Daveia and I am so grateful to my civil rights heroes for making it possible for me to get a solid education. With my master's degree in graphic communications management, I now run a thriving business, which is a realization of my own dream, that so happens to bring a smile and a sense of pride to so many others. #IAmTheDream  

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#IAmTheDream I stand on the shoulders of Civil Rights leaders because of so many things. I am a woman, who through all my mess, was able to become a minister. At one point in time female preachers were not encouraged or accepted. I am able to pursue my education in social work, while building my own business. I stand on the shoulders of those who fought for my civil rights simply because I live. And live with passion. So I serve the community with the same zeal that was used to fight for me.  

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I am educating young black girls and boys daily to prepare them for a successful future.

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Love that I can use my gifts to encourage future leaders! Thank you #CecilElementary school for having me as your #CareerDay #speaker today! #CandiceDeniseChronicles #LivingtoInspire #GetToKnowHer #SoarHighDreamBig #Host #Entrepreneur  

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My heartstrings: two college students, one college grad, one dental student. They are the dream.

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I am officially a graduate of Regis University with a Master of Science in nonprofit management.

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@essencemag thanks for asking the question! Because of the amazing trailblazers for women and #girls we've started a movement of healing. Calling women to be the leaders of change, growth and healing across the world! Still under 30! #hwhn #iHEAL #iamthedream #photooftheday #youngleaders #hwhnamb #instadaily

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My name is Khalilah James and I have a very successful career in cardiology in the healthcare field. After dropping out of college when I became a young mother, I returned to school and became a Medical Assistant.#iamthedream

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1st College Graduation. 1 down 2 more to go. #JWU #CLASSOF2013 #graduate #chef  

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#iamthedream I am an Integrated Media Provider for a Fortune 500. I have a degree in Biology and Chemistry, and I'm a proud #hbcugrad #NCCU #thankfulforthemovement

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Nicola C. Smith-Oliver, MBA! Done & Done! #missioncomplete #nextchapter #graduate #mbalife #graduate, #uconn, #iamthedream

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#iamthedream because of the men and women who fought tirelessly in the civil rights movement I was able to go to a school with every race the entire time I have been in school. My family received another graduate last year and as you can see my mom couldn't have been happier!

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I was able to go to undergrad and grad school on mainly scholarships based on my near straight A average and the color of my skin #imaginethat. Thank you heroes of the civil rights movement. Thought of you every time I thought it was too much...#Iamthedream  

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@essencemag I'm the first person in my family to attend and complete undergraduate studies at a 4 year college PLUS I raised the bar even more when I graduated with my Masters in Public Administration in May! #IAmTheDream

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I want to supply food to my people that will help them prevent #Diabetes #HeartDisease #Cancer etc. #IAmTheDream #OneLove