PHOTOS: ESSENCE's #HeIsNotASuspect Campaign

In response to the Trayvon Martin tragedy, ESSENCE launched the #HeIsNotASuspect campaign and invited women to post a photo of themselves with a young Black man they care about and tell us what makes them wonderful. It is time to celebrate our young men, not profile them.

ESSENCE.COM Jul, 17, 2013

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This is my son Lloyd. He is a gift from God; born three months before my husband died. He loves books, cars, ice cream and going to the movies. He wants to be a football player, a basketball player, a baseball player and the President when he grows up! He is busy and he loves The Lord. #HeIsNotASuspect @essencemag

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My lil big brother!!!! Uncle, brother, friend, student and entrepreneur. One of the most important ppl in my life. #heisnotasuspect

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I love my son very much, and my heart's desire is to see him grow up and live a happy and productive life. Racial profiling must end! #heisnotasuspect #justicefortrayvon

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I look into the eyes of this beautiful brown lil boy and see so much promise. I see love, curiosity and a life longed to be lived. I wish everyone saw our black boys & men with this love and in this manner. God bless his mother Atlas with the strength she will need as she sends him out into a sometimes cold world. The fight for equality is still heavy on our shoulders but a battle definitely worth FIGHTING!!! Let's continue to fight for one another and show up when others have thrown away who we are and what we've done for this beautiful country!!! Stay engaged in what affects us as a community and what will inevitably be what our babies inherit. #HeIsNotASuspect

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@essencemag #HeIsNotASuspect He is my son. He is a future doctor, lawyer, politician...he is a child of God.

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My son Jared is lovable, kind, patient and always willing to help others. He wants to play college football one day. He is also a great student. #heisnotasuspect

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My son Jr. makes me so happy and proud to be his mother. He is the most loving little 5 year old anyone can meet. He takes his role as big brother very seriously, and is always protective over his little sisters. He loves to play video games, ride his bike, bake, help with cooking/cleaning, and most recently, learn Karate. He loves musical instruments and is very interested in learning how to play the piano and the drums. He loves to learn new things, and even more, loves to teach his sisters what he learns. He wants to be a dentist when he grows up. #HeIsNotASuspect #Essence #trayvonmartin

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My 3 sons. Mario, 20 yr old college student ~ majoring in computer engineering. Bj, 15 yr old HS junior ~ honor student, loves soccer and football, and future entrepreneur. Deven, 11 yr old 6th grader ~ honor student, interested in everything and future MD. #HeIsNotASuspect

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My son is affectionate and inquisitive. He adores Transformers and riding his scooter. #HeIsNotASuspect

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This is my goofy, energetic, such a comedian/rapper/break Dancer all in one little brother. He is a team mate, a scholar, a big cousin, a son, a nephew, a grandson, a neighbor, a friend, a protector, but most of all #HeIsNOTaSuspect @essencemag

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He's intelligent, funny, passionate, caring, high school graduate, he loves his family and football he is a college freshman he is my son,he's a grandson , a brother, a cousin, a God brother, a friend @essencemag #HeIsNotASuspect

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My God son Dwayne Jr he is a straight A honor student, he loves his family, football, video games, going on vacation hanging out with his friends #heisnotasuspect @essencemag

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This is my grandson on his graduation day from elementary school being hugged by his teacher. He will be entering middle school next year in honors classes. #Heisnotasuspect

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This is me with my smart, handsome, & loving son Marcus. He is going to be a freshman in high school this fall. This year, Marcus earned a 1st degree Black Belt in Karate. We need to celebrate our young men, not profile them. #HeIsNotASuspect

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#Essence this is my 21 year old son Greg Burks Jr., 4th-year engineering college student and full-time Area Manager at Jamba Juice. #HeIsNotASuspect

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#heisnotasuspect. My beautiful young man Jared Roy.

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My son Carlos Love #HeIsNotASuspect actually my son is a productive citizen. After completing High School at Carlson Sr. High School in Gibraltar, Michigan he attend Northwood University on a 5 year football Scholarship. My son has now been accepted to The DeVos Graduate School of Management this fall .My son is a young Black positive man that's going places #HeIsNotASuspect Mrs.Mary Louise Love, mother of Carlos Love

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This is my 8 year old son Gavin. He is a math whiz who loves karate, video games and playing the drums. He is compassionate and thoughtful. God has big plans for him and so does his family. He is full of awesome! #HeIsNotASuspect @essencemag #lovemyson #mygiftfromGod #fullofawesome

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Dear @essencemag this is Brandon Michael Pledger. He is a high school student enrolled in college courses, majoring in Astrophysics. He has never given my parents problems nor has he ever had any trouble in school. He is the same age as Trayvon Martin & even has the same physique. He is my little brother, a young intelligent African American male, and #heisNOTasuspect

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My amazing boys. My goal in life is to raise them to be successful, productive, loving, faithful, praying men. They are already so amazing to me and make me so proud. #heisnotasuspect #blessed #sons #nephew #powerfulfutureleaders #myheart #lovethem

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This is one of my class of 2013 seniors that received a full scholarship to Texas Christian University to play basketball. He is also very artistic and writes GREAT poetry! He is a super sweet person and always tries to lend a hand. He brought a lot of joy to the atmosphere at our school! #heisnotasuspect @essencemag

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This is my son Mekhi.. he loves all things football and is a huge Ravens fan.. he plays football and basketball .. he is a straight A student going to the 4th grade in the fall.. he loves to read and is the king of useless information .. he is my sponge .. #HeisNotaSuspect

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This is me and my son Q. @suavequav He is 21, a talented musician, a gentleman, and a remarkable young man. He is NOT a suspect.

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This is my son Niles. He is an award winning student and star basketball player. His dream is to be in the @nba one day. #HeIsNotASuspect!

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Me and my brothers(from left to right ) Malcolm a current graduate of Virginia State University, Joseph the current City Council of Hyattsville Maryland, alumni of Morehouse College and Rutgers, Akeem perspective graduate of Howard University #theyarenotsuspects#heisnotasuspect @essencemag

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My nephew Glen Caldwell, III is a college student, football player and an awesome big brother! @essencemag #HeIsNotASuspect

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@essencemag This is Micah, my youngest son, he is almost the same age as Trayvon Martin. He is intelligent, confident, outgoing, stubborn, outspoken, athletic, hilarious, and a blessing. #heisnotasuspect

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My son 16 yrs old #HeIsNotASuspect 6"5 plays basketball for fun scored 1850 on SAT & still wants to take it over feels he can do even better my pride and joy His sweatshirt Hoodie along with my Cloaks is a fashion clothing item not a threat #JusticeforTrayvon

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I'm the mom of 3 beautiful African American young men! This is my middle son, Darren. Darren could have been Trayvon Martin, he is 18 years old, wears hoodies, drinks Arizona teas, lives in Florida and has had some challenges in his young life already. But no matter what he is has done or not done...until he commits a crime...HE IS NOT A SUSPECT!!! #heisnotasuspect @essencemag

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My son is my heart. He's got the most amazing smile and the cutest laugh. He's energetic and smart. I love him more than life and #HeIsNotASuspect

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This is my son Thomas he is a funny, caring and witty son and big brother. He loves WWE and Superheroes. He has played a multitude of sports. His main job is to watch over his mom and sister because his daddy instills that in him. #heisnotasuspect

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My son Jeremy is 16, plays football, is a gentleman, dreams of being a video game designer and is teaching himself how to play the piano. He is a wonderful big brother to 3 sisters and #HeIsNotASuspect ! @kingbosh

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@essencemag This is my 9 year old son Zakhari. He's a soon to be 5th grader, and so full of life. He's so special to me because I almost lost him while giving birth, but God knew I needed him to be apart of my life. He enjoys talking, reading, playing video games, riding his bike, and playing basketball. Most importantly...#HeIsNotASuspect #justice #trayvonmartin #justicefortrayvonmartin

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This is my 13 year old. He is going to the 8th grade and wants try out for his swim team. He loves to draw and aspires to be a cartoonist/artist when he gets older. @essencemag #HeIsNotASuspect

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@essencemag This is my son Nygel. He is an honors student and in a 7 year science program at AMHN #HeIsNotASuspect

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My nephew Jarred is about to be a senior at #YALE he is an awesome young man; intelligent, funny, caring, kind, helpful and an educator. He's a great example of what many of our young men are and a role model for many more of our young black men aspire to become. #HEIsNotaSuspect @essencemag

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This is My little brother Jared! He is an amazing young black man! A great friend and joy to everyone he meets! My best friend!!! #heisnotasuspect #riptrayvon

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This is my little cousin who is such a great young man! He is really good on the football field and he's a really nice guy! He should not be profiled! #heisnotasuspect @essencemag

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Thirteen years ago today, I welcomed a beautiful 8 lbs 6 oz baby boy into this world. We have defied odds and grown up together. Today I am wishing this amazing young man of mine a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love you J!!!!!!

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My son is 8yrs old! He loves to play basketball, video games, and loves to wear hoodies!! He is not perfect but that does not make him suspicious!!! #HEisNOTaSUSPECT

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This is my four year old son, Aaron. He loves Thomas the Train and reading. He knows all of his letters, shapes, colors, and much more. He said he wants to be Batman and Captain America when he grows up #heisnotasuspect @essencemag

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When I heard the verdict Saturday night the first thing I did was pick up my one-year-old son, Jack. #HeIsNotASuspect

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This my oldest child Jeremiah. He loves cars and trains. And is very intelligent for his age. #heisnotasuspect

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#heisnotasuspect - he is kind, respectful, a good student, loves sports, and aspires to have a career in law enforcement after graduating from college.

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This is B, my almost 4 year old. He is bright, funny, handsome, and likes to be friends with everyone he meets. He makes up dances and likes to sing Rihanna in the car. He has all the potential in the world. And when it rains, he puts on his hoodie. #heisnotasuspect #stopprofilingourboys #justicefortrayvon #hoodiesfortrayvon @essencemag

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This is my son Ashton Mishon Fisher he loves music, football and birthday cake! He is very smart and loves his family! #HeIsNotASuspect

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These are two of my three sons: Esa, 13 yrs on the left and Khalil 11 yrs on the right. They love sports, swimming and are very artistic. They are kind and very thoughtful to everyone they meet. I'm always encouraging them to be the best they can be and there's no limit to what they can achieve in life. #heisnotasuspect #essence

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This is my favorite #1 son Christian. He is an amazing boy with great potential. He loves superheroes and sports. He wants to be a pilot and a song writer when he grows up. #HeIsNotASuspect

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This is Emiliano. He is 2 1/2 and loves cars and trucks. He loves music and riding his bike. He impresses me more and more each day. I adore him. #heisnotasuspect

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This is Zayden he is an energetic 4 year old . He loves sports and always wants to try new things , he pushes his limits daily to learn or achieve something he did not the day before. He will be successful and he will go far in life . #HEISNOTASUSPECT @essencemag

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This is my son Nicholas Jr.!! He likes swimming, pancakes, reading & playing!! When he grows up the sky is the limit!!! #HeIsNotASuspect

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This is my son Kiyan. He's such a happy kid who loves to learn, play basketball, and go swimming. He says when he grows up he wants to be like his dad. #HeIsNotASuspect

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This is Kaden, 2 1/2 years old. He enjoys playing the 'drums' around the house: coffee table, tv stand, daddy's head, & whatever he can get his sticks on! He loves Disney's Cars and trucks! He is my son! #HeIsNotASuspect #TrayvonMartin @essencemag

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Cobz is my one and only son. He is also a brother, a grandson, a nephew and a friend to many. Also respectful, smart, a christian, lovable, and a future engineer and so much more. He is the 3rd love of our family. Boys will be boys and should not be afraid to do just that. Let's support no more stereotyping young boys. #Essence #HEISNOTASUSPECT

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My unconditional, my son Carlos. He is a bright eyed, sports loving, super cool and entertaining smart kid whom I adore. He is even learning Mandarin Chinese. #HeIsNotaSuspect #essencemagazine

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I love this boy unconditionally. He's my rock and he's my right hand. He's the future. #heisnotasuspect

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Here I am with one of the most intelligent, kind hearted and sensitive person I know. This is my son Ian. He loves Pokemon, soccer, and riding his bike. #HeIsNotASuspect #justicefortrayvon #essence

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This is my son, Blake. He is 11 years old. He loves race cars, math, & outdoor activities. His dream is to become a police officer and fight crime. #heisnotasuspect. @essencemag

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This is my son Roman. His favorite show is Yo Gabba Gabba and he loves to dance. He loves to make people smile and I know that he is going to be something GREAT one day. #heisnotasuspect #justicefortrayvon @essencemag

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My oldest...he's 12, an honor student, plays the trumpet & loves to read! #heisnotasuspect

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These are my boys Keyshawn and Kenyen, Keyshawns a very and smart child who love to laugh and make ppl laugh, he loves basketball, wrestling, and loves learning new things he has an great future ahead of him! Kenyen is the smartest 1yr old I know he has an awesome personality and as bright further ahead of him as well! I love my boys! #HeIsNotASuspect & #HeIsNotASuspect #justicefortrayvon

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My son Corey is a HS grad. College sophomore. Recipient of both academic & athletic scholarships. He loves his family and football. He also IS NOT SUSPICIOUS! #heisnotasuspect

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Presenting my son Gregory, a thoughtful, witty and wicked smart kid who adores his twin sister, loves his parents and respects his friends and himself. Just 17 years old, he is spending his summer abroad in Turkey with #thekappaleague program and getting immersed in a culture where #heisnotasuspect. I love this kid!

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This is my oldest son Quest, he is 13 years old, attends a Math & Science academy, plays the bassoon, NAACP academic excellence recipient, loves technology and building gaming computers. His name means"in search of." Infinite possibilities for our boys! #heisnotasuspect #essence

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This is my nephew Caymen he is 4. Cay loves cars and video games and thinks that he is too big for auntie's hugs and kisses. Cay is very smart and starts school this fall. #HeIsNotASuspect #essencemag

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This lil dude is the twinkle in my eye. He's my life! He should be loved, valued, and cherished. Sadly, we live in a world where he could be gunned down for looking "suspicious". I love my nephew. Stop profiling our boys! #HeIsNotaSuspect

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I love my godson Cyrus Roy Wilson-Cuevas! He's funny, sensitive, athletic and creative. @twodadstwokids

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This is my son Jahid. He is 13 years old & heading to the 7th grade. He is a Boy Scout who happens to be awe-tistic. #Heisnotasuspect

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Out of the four men before him (my dad,two brothers, and his dad) Bryson, my only son, has been the only male to love me unconditionally. He's very inquisitive...loves to ask questions about life in general. He loves to sing, play the drums, ride his bike, play soccer and he's fascinated by all things Transformers. He's very compassionate toward me and his three sisters. He's helpful, appreciative, gentle, and caring. Bryson loves to talk about whatever is on his mind at the time. I love him...his lisp and stinky under arms. He's my everything. #heisnotasuspect #myson

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#heisnotasuspect .. My nephews are the sweetest kindest most loving Lil men I know they have a right to live a life of live love not fear!!!!! #BOYCOTTFLORIDA - speak with your money. That's all some hear. No more #disney #southbeach #orlando it has to #startsomewhere

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@essencemag I Love them with all my is funny & very smart. One is very creative and is a peoples person. One is very dependable and has a big heart. #THEYareNOTsuspects #heisnotasuspect #JUSTICE4TRAYVON

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I asked God to send someone to love me unconditionally. I was gifted with a nephew. Innocent, true in intentions . He's his Universe. Pure, absolute in innovation . #HeIsNotASuspect @EssenceMag #EssenceMag #nephew #uncle #love

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This is my son, Xavier Maddox Wilson - my miracle baby that God so graciously blessed us with. He loves to play golf, laugh and play with his friends and family. Through God's continued grace and provision, may he grow up to be successful, talented, a light a dark world, and a valued- not FEARED - Black man. #HeIsNotaSuspect @essencemag

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This is my beautiful godson. He is so smart and full of charisma. He takes the best care of his baby sister and he he gives the best hugs. #HeIsNotASuspect

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This is my awesome son Dominic. He is 6 years old & will be starting 1st grade. He loves to skateboard, ride his bike, and he currently wants to be an astronaut when he grows up. #HeIsNotASuspect @essencemag

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This is my son Jaden, he is 4 years old. J loves drawing pictures, dancing, watching power rangers, and being outdoors riding his bike and playing basketball. He is the most loving kid I know and in his innocence he doesn’t see wrong in anyone he meets, always offers a smile and a hug to anyone open to receive it. He enjoys working in the garden with his great grandmother and just spending time with his family. He is my joy and my desire for him is that he never has to worry about being stereotyped by anyone. #HeIsNotASuspect

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These are my 3 handsome boys. My heart manifested! They are highly intelligent, funny, deeply compassionate & thoughtful. They are the BEST parts of my husband & I. Today they will be foremost on my mind, as I pray for justice. It's a unique burden of the mother raising Black men. A distinct fear we live with. That the world will look at them & not see them for what they are, but as alien or suspicious through no fault of their own. And in that, tragic shameful events can occur. Kill #stereotypes! Stop #profiling Choose to #Love Embrace one another! #justicefortrayvon #martinfamily #peace #WalkingWhileBlack #instapic

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This is my son Jayden and he will soon be 4 years old. He loves basketball and chicken nuggets. He is caring, inquisitive, and opinionated (just like his mommy) . He tells me "I love you" several times a day. He is my light and I pray daily that one day the world will accept him for the person he is and not judge him because of the color of his skin. #heisnotasuspect

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My son Xavier is smart, witty, loving, sensitive and is as hard as a feather. He's not in a gang, doesn't have friends who are gang members and he believes in the best of all people. A former military brat, he loves to travel and as visited 38 of our 50 states. I love him with my whole heart and love that he enjoys helping others when they're in need. He's an only child, a bit spoiled but has learned from the people that matter most; his parents! #HeIsNotASuspect #myson

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My son Nigel Malik Ishmael {dark king Son of God} is 17 and dreams of being a fashion designer/stylist. He owns his own T-shirt line: "Slouch" is God Fearing, and most respectful! #heisnotasuspect #stoptheprofiling

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My fun loving grown "baby" just graduated from Grand Valley State University with a B. A. in IT and is in the Sigma Phi Beta fraternity and is a lover of all things electronic.. He is a self proclaimed geek and is smart, witty, respectable & handsome to boot. I know he is not technically a boy at almost 23 but he will always be my baby and I still worry about him in this cruel callous world we live in. #heisnotasuspect @essencemag

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This case is breaking my heart.. I pray for Trayvon's mother. Can't imagine what she's been through.. #heisnotasuspect

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Rising college freshman, track athlete, neighborhood kid. #heisnotasuspect

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This is Spencer Jr. He is so funny, intelligent and caring. Spencer loves riding his bike and playing with his cars. My son has a big heart and loves to help others. His future is bright and limitless! #HeIsNotASuspect @essencemag #justiceforTrayvon

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#Repost me & my almost 14 year old brother, Trey. He's intelligent, funny, loving & ambitious. He aspires to do many things, such as get even better in basketball than he already is, as well as have a successful career one day. He isn't violent. He isn't rude. He isn't a criminal. He doesn't look suspicious. #HeIsNotASuspect

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This is my cousin Tayvon. He is kind-hearted, well-mannered, and very respectful. He is an amazing athlete who plays ALL SPORTS! He is on the youth usher board at church and a joy to know! #heisnotasuspect #youthministry #ilovemykids

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This is Jordan. He is funny, intelligent, talented, and a gentleman. He loves to play piano, rap, and go to church. He is going places!!! Can't wait to see how he develops! #heisnotasuspect #youthministry #ilovemykids

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#heisnotasuspect @essencemag This is my son. My son loves to read, write stories, draw, and enjoys going to church. He loves his Family and enjoys spending time with his family. He is taught to say Ma'am and Sir in order of respect to his elders. My son has very high hopes and dreams he wants to achieve in life.

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This is my son Devin. He is smart, funny, opinionated, loves reading, video games, and tennis shoes. #HEISNOTASUSPECT

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#HeIsNotASuspect Supporting the advocacy of seeing our young men as valuable. God has great things in store for these young men! Thank you Father for Your protection and covering over my children

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#heisnotasuspect He is an honor roll student with an Ivy League in sight. @getyolyfe_fwm_eric @_xericaxx_

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Love @EssenceMag #heisnotasuspect campaign! ~ He is an intelligent, funny, handsome young man who will grow up to be successful in whatever he does!

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#HeisNotaSuspect @essencemag Judgement is never ours to give. Suspicion is a fear of ignorance when reasons are unwarranted. They r Kings, Princes, future Doctors, future Lawyers, future Senators.... Future Presidents. Lift them up don't break them down.

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I pray that my son will always #LIVE his life for the LORD and that he will give him long life full of joy, peace and happiness! #heisnotasuspect @essencemag

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My son and I were so honored and blessed to attend today's #100CityTrayvon Vigil in Northern, VA. DaSean is a celebrated and respected young black male. #HeIsNotASuspect #JusticeForTrayvon #TMMFoundation

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#heisnotasuspect My son Jirah is very intelligent, loves all sports and an entertainer on every level. Whenever he's in a room he makes sure you know he's there, he is destined for greatness and it will come to pass! @essencemag #heisnotasuspect

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#HeIsNotASuspect Headed to the Trayvon Martin rally in downtown Miami... #JusticeForTrayvon

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This is my 7 year old future writer. He loves school, reading, puzzles, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mario Bros, pizza, and flag football. #heisnotasuspect

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This is my son Brandon...He is 13 years and a Born Survivor.... on a breathing machine for 10 days after being born, he overcame it and never looked backed. Always being considered a gifted child, he excelled at the top of his class EVERY SINGLE CLASS! When most 13 year olds are embracing the hip hop culture, he spends his days writing movies and exploring the Japanese Culture, with plans to move there in the future ...I don't understand it, but i embrace his individuality and admire his drive when most think he's different! He is proud of who he is, and that makes me even prouder to be his Mother!!!!! He is my Baby! #Heisnotasuspect


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