Photo Fab: Alicia Keys Throws Swizz Beatz a 'Coming to America' Themed Birthday Party

Alicia Keys threw a surprise birthday party for her hubby Swizz Beatz Thursday night in New York City. The best part? It was themed after Eddie Murphy's classic 1988 movie, Coming to America.

Sylvia Obell Sep, 12, 2014

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The birthday boy was all smiles as he sat on his throne.

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The royal family (including Swizz' father, mother, and grandmother) all enjoyed the view from their royal thrones.

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You can't have a Coming to America party without re-enacting it's infamous "Queen to Be" scene. Keys walked to her King while being serenaded to the classic tune.

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DMX also joined the fun — Ruff Ryders for life!

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Fun Fact: Lala and Swizz Beatz went to high school together.

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Celebrity "maternity maven" Latham Thomas stopped to give the mommy-to-be's baby bump a rub. Keys' is glowing!

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It's safe to say Swizz enjoyed himself. "My wife is awesome. Thanks my love for the best Bday party ever," he posted on Instagram.