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ESSENCE.COM Aug, 26, 2008

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Peter Hadar doesn’t mind being called a “weirdo.”

“People are afraid to go against the grain,” says Hadar. “It’s cool to be different. It’s cool to be strange.”

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Baby Hadar, 2, looks like he’s ready to set sail at his uncle s New Jersey wedding.

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A five-year-old Hadar spends time with his mother, Antonia Winstead, who is proud of his success though not aware of his music’s sensual undertones.

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Hadar first pursued fashion before music and continues to express his creativity through his wardrobe.

“I’m a big fan of Tom Ford, Alexander McQueen, Yves Saint Laurent and 21MC,” he says. “They all think outside the box but everything makes sense.”

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Hadar cleans up well.

“[My music is like] a tall glass of Merlot,” says Hadar. “Merlot relaxes me, gets me in a cool mood, and I think that s what my music does.”

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“Well Dressed for the Art Show,” Hadar’s sophomore album, explores lust and love over funky beats.

“It’s an album about art; the title just means I’m prepared to present my art to you, the listener,” he says. “It’s like 13 different outfits and styles. Pretty eclectic—soul, hip-hop, rock, jambalaya, electronic, progressive and edgy.”

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Hadar checks his reflection, content with what he sees.


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