Perfect TV Men

Perfect TV Men
ESSENCE.COM Sep, 26, 2011

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No shocker here. The Stringer character struck a perfect balance of rugged, suave, intelligence, and handsome. This was the guy every woman wanted to be with and every man wanted to be his boy.

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This tweet pretty much summed up the Calvin votes: “I don’t know the character’s name, haven’t seen any episodes of the show, but whoever Lance Gross plays on TV is who I’m voting for!”

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A man that would stand-up and defend you, no matter the circumstance, Malik Yoba did this role justice!

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Fiercely loyal, over 6 feet tall, and carries what looks like an 8 pack (I counted), this is the werewolf EVERYONE (with the exception of Sookie) wants to save them. If True Blood stays on air for several more seasons, he may take the #1 spot.

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Funny, funny, and funny. Who doesn’t like a man that can make you laugh. Also, playing across Carlton gave him an element of cool. Very worthy of bringing home to mom.

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Brilliant and passionate about his job (and he actually gets along with his boss), he’s a keeper!

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My favorite tweet was “I voted for Ray Drecker for obvious reasons.”

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He was only on for a few episodes, but this shows you what a good butt (scene) will get you. Blair Underwood’s romance with Miranda cemented Dr. Leeds in the hearts of many!

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He’ll kill for you…and he might just kill you, too…but his lethal exterior gives way to a true romantic. Mr. Northman is the one vampire I know many ladies would love to have bite them.

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This was the shocker to me! The first few votes that rolled in for him I thought were a joke but after reading the comments (funny, smart, romantic, relentless about his pursuit of Whitley) it all made perfect sense! Dwayne Wanye is the most dateable TV character of all-time!

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