Perfect Transitioning Hairstyles

Are you transitioning and in need of chic hairstyles? Check out these looks for guaranteed stamps of approval.
ESSENCE.COM May, 05, 2014

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At night, gently pin curls into a bun and wear a satin bonnet. To style, apply PhytoLisse Serum ($30, and wind smushed ringlets around a curling iron. Pin tresses behind an ear.

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Apply Queen Helene Curl Shaping Créme ($9, all over wet hair and create a center part. Section off hair vertically, finger-stretching curls and then scrunching. Diffuse and finger-style.

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Apply Jane Carter Wrap & Roll ($9, to wet hair and create four sections. Subdivide into two-inch sections and twist two pieces over each other. Dry, then untwist and finger-style.

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To refresh the look at home, moisturize with Mizani Butter Rich ($16,, palm shake and stretch out coils to create fullness. The style should last up to three weeks!

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To maintain this swingy style, wrap hair at night and secure with a Satin Wonder Wrap Band ($3.99, In the morning, apply Mizani Gloss Veil ($14, and comb out.

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Apply PhytoLisse Serum ($30, separate hair into six sections and lightly blow dry each using a wide tooth comb. Blow dry again with a paddle brush. Braid at night for extra texture.

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To care for this look at home, use Chi Ionic Color Care Shampoo and Conditioner ($8 each,, moisturize with Biosilk Therapy ($10.40,

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Apply Jane Carter Curl Defining Cream ($27, to wet hair; diffuse. Create a high pony and finger-tease curls. Wrap into a loose bun, leaving ends loose. Secure with pins.

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Detangle with Mizani D’Tangle ($18, Create one cornrow down the middle of head, and four cornrows on either side. Dry overnight. Unbraid and mist with Mizani In-Control Spritz ($12,

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At night, moisturize scalp with Pooka Pure & Simple Hair Nectar $14, and wrap with a satin bonnet or scarf. This style will last up to three weeks!