Pepsi We Inspire

Pepsi We Inspire

ESSENCE.COM Dec, 18, 2009

1 of 8 Jennifer Cooper Beauty Editor donated a blouse that she wore on TV when she was pregnant. “I was huge and uncomfortable and this tunic made me feel amazing,” she said.

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Integrated Marketing Manager Dana Johnson offered these black pants that she bought her first week at ESSENCE. “My skirt split and I ran to The Gap. I went on to start a great gig.”

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ESSENCE Cover and Beauty Director Mikki Taylor donated a Calvin Klein suit—“Complete with a sleeveless Michelle Obama sheath.”

4 of 8 Jennifer Cooper’s Jenisha Watts bought these pants her second week on the job. “I needed to take my style to another level,” she said. The recent college grad was used to wearing jeans and hoodies.

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Suzanne Elliot, from Dress for Success, and Emil Wilbekin, Managing Editor of, show some of the donations from the women of

6 of 8 Jennifer Cooper Manager Patricia Cesaire says this jacket made her feel empowered. “It signified my recessionista transition,” she says.

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Pepsi’s We Inspire rep Kellie Brown gave a sweater to Dress of Success. Brown asked ESSENCE and to participate in this important program to inspire women through “hope, love, joy, laughter, beauty and wisdom.”

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Marketing Coordinator Sheena Meekins bought this blouse for an interview for a job she really wanted. She didn’t get that gig, but landed at ESSENCE in her “dream job.” She says, “God has a plan.”


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