Overnight Bag Essentials for Sleepovers at His Place

Things to Pack When You're Sleeping Over His Place
ESSENCE.COM Oct, 23, 2011

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Here’s a list of overnight bag essentials every woman should have handy when sleeping over “his place”.

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You know that little number that looks so good on you it never stays on for long? That’s the one.

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Men don’t usually keep extra toiletries laying around, so be sure to pack a toothbrush. Morning breath is the opposite of sexy!

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Don’t rely on him to have them. It’s your job to always put your safety first. Besides, you know the kind you like best, so be sure and have ’em handy.

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Like it or not you can’t roll up to his place with your full hair care arsenal in tow. Skip the curling irons, rollers, and caps in favor of the one product (two tops!) that can bring back your hair in the morning.

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Your skin tight skirt and sexy heels were perfect for date night but you’ll want to slip into something much more comfortable when you two are sharing coffee in his kitchen. (Assuming of course, you’ll even need to wear clothes.)

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Men love it when a woman smells great. Pack a travel size bottle of your favorite body spray (we love Victoria’s Secret Love Spell) to help set the mood. Perfume is too strong and could easily be overpowering. (Tip: When he’s not looking give the sheets a quick spritz, and when he gets in he’ll be wrapped in the lovely scent of you.)

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Let’s be honest. Just a few days after you’ve shaved your legs the stubble can return. You may not be able to see it, but he will feel it. Bring a razor in case you need to sneak off to the bathroom and smooth things out a bit.

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You can’t very well wake up and put on a full face of makeup or redo that hairstyle, but the right lip gloss can take your I-just-woke-up-look from blah to beautiful.

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You had a great date and you’ve wound up at his place and the heat is on. You don’t want to feel less confident than usual. Keep these handy to be sure you can freshen up in a flash.

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You don’t want any unnecessary interruptions, we get it. But, you don’t want to be so wrapped up in his world that you tune completely out of yours either. Pack your charger just in case.

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He’ll be looking…so be ready!

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You’ll want every kiss to be as perfect as the first one, right?

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Even when things are going great between you, there may still be some moments of down time where he’s doing his thing and you can do yours. An iPod is instant entertainment that’s super easy to pack.