Our Favorite 'Scandal' Memes

The hilarious memes that follow an episode of ABC's Scandal are almost as good as the hit show. In honor of the finale, we rounded up our absolute faves for fun. Enjoy!

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What will #ESSENCEGladiators do now?

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Yes, Olivia. He is your father. And, nobody (not even the boss herself!) saw that one coming.

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After Beyonce's show-stopping Superbowl performance, the only other thing anyone could talk online about was this hilarious meme starring her and Ms. Pope.

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Purely in fun, this meme starring FLOTUS, went viral after First Lady Mellie Grant realized the president was desperately trying to make Olivia Pope the new first lady.

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Scandal's conniving FLOTUS wasn't having that, and we knew Beyonce would know just what to say.

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The phrase rapper Drake quickly coined found it's way into the mix just as soon as fans realized the mole had been posing as a new gladiator all along. Gladiators were shocked!

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After waiting all season, and enduring three painful "breaks" througout the season, fans finally learned that David was the mole in the very last second of the next-to-last episode, and they were (literally) on the floor.

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After the mole was revealed, fans felt Red Fox was the only one who could truly illustrate their immediate reactions or feelings.

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Overnight internet sensation, and hero, Charles Ramsey, popped up on this viral Scandal meme just days after making the news for saving three women held captive for over a decade in Ohio.

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When we thought we'd just about had it with all of the plot twists, we turned to Instagram and Twitter with this gem.

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Scandal is great. But, thankfully it's only TV, because we get the feeling the shenanigans that occur on the show would never sit well with you in real life.

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With so many good primetime shows getting the ax this spring, fans were overjoyed when news broke that their beloved Scandal would definitely return for a third season.

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This one made the digital rounds when fans rejoiced as Olivia finally gave Fitz a piece of her mind.

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The ups, downs, turnarounds and "what the...?" plot twists are in no short supply on Scandal. And, with each one, gladiators (read: diehard show fans) felt more confused and emotional than ever.

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We've already touched on the timing of the show, but this meme featuring the beloved Sweet Brown sums our sentiments up perfectly. "Aint nobody got time for that!"

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Whether you're happily married or single and mingling, chances are your love life is not as juicy as Olivia's.  Now ladies, don't go ruining a good relationship just to get your gladiator on.  It's not a called a "made for TV" romance for no reason.

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Prior to Scandal, there weren't many primetime TV shows that would literally get us hot and bothered.  Now, after every episode of Scandal, it's necessary to have a few tissues nearby to wipe the sweat off your brow! Woooo!

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No matter what was on our schedule for the day, there was just no way we were letting anything get in the way of Scandal Thursdays. Once 9:50pm rolled around, folks turned into Olympic athletes, jumping over small children, running up stairs and doing whatever it took to get a good spot in front of the TV.

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It used to be that Thursday was exciting because it was the prelude to Friday and the start of the weekend.  Nowadays, the only reason we really jump for joy when the sun rises on Thursdays is because we know exactly where we'll be when the clock strikes 10:00pm.

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We found ourselves giving our TV schedules a side eye when there wasn't a new epidsode of Scandal. Oh vey!

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We're pretty certain that if Olivia Pope existed in real life, she'd be just as exalted in the policial circles as Beyonce is in the entertainment world.  This meme features a photo of Kerry Washington as a child, similar to Beyonce's "Bow Down" album cover.

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Although the comedian didn't create this meme, his likeness sure helped to make it spread. LOL!

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Leave it to #ESSENCEGladiators to start planning for season three just as soon as season two wraps. Now that fans learned the identity of Liv's dad, their 80s nostalgia has totaly kicked in. #teamwhitley

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We'll see you there! We're so addicted to this show.