Our Favorite Bikers Had a Ball Riding 1800 Miles to ESSENCE Fest

Last April, we brought you the story of four black women from the Midwest who planned the daring feat of riding 1800 miles south to join us in New Orleans for our 20th ESSENCE Festival. The photos they sent us of their trip are among the most liked and most shared pictures on our Facebook page this year. Take a look at some photos from their adventure.

ESSENCE.COM Aug, 06, 2014

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The crew set off for New Orleans on Tuesday, July 1, with plans to make a stop in Memphis for a biker event.

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Thierry and Bennett strike a pose with a new friend (pictured on the right). "We met a group of women driving from Chicago who were also on their way to ESSENCE Fest. Small world!" Thierry  said.

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After three days of driving, the crew -- Kimberly Thierry, Cheryl Upshaw, Myriam McCoy ad Tylette Bennett -- stopped to pose at the Lousiana state line.

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"We made it in. Bikes are parked and we're ready to use the ESSENCE app to start our day!" Thierry said when the moment the crew landed in New Orleans on Friday, July 4.

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Thierry said she was excited to meet chef G. Garvin in the Convention Center on the 4th of July.

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On the way to New Orleans, McCoy got into a small fender bender and injured her leg, but was still all smiles.

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The women ran into Nancy Gunn, the award winning producer for the tv show "Amazing Race." The crew gave her a biker name: Hollywood.

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Upshaw and McCoy prepare to say goodbye to New Orleans to start their trek back home.

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The crew takes one more photo together in Champaigne, Ill., just before they part ways with Thierry, who is heading West.