Our 25 Favorite 'Saturday Night Live' Moments Ever

As we approach the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live, we're looking back on 40 years of laughter brought to us by best Black cast members, guests and hosts.

Jolie A. Doggett Feb, 13, 2015
Richard Pryor: Word Association

In one of the most controversial (and most hysterical) sketches, Richard Pryor plays a game of word association at a job interview. Watch to clip to see if he gets the job.

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Garrett Morris: "Gonna Get Me A Shotgun"

Garrett Morris was the first Black cast member on the sketch comedy show and for good reason. Check out his hilariously satirical original song.

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Garrett Morris: News For The Hard of Hearing

In what's become an SNL classic, Garrett Morris delivers your news as only he can.

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Eddie Murphy: "Kill My Landlord"

Eddie Murphy shows off his linguistic skills in an SNL favorite: Prose and Cons.

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Eddie Murphy: White Like Me

In a very special PSA, Eddie Murphy goes underground to experience America as a white man. 

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Eddie Murphy: Mr. Robinson's X-Mas

Christmas is a season for giving... and for taking. Let Mr. Robinson explain.

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Eddie Murphy: Buh-Weat Sings

In a comical informercial parody, Eddie Murphy um, expresses himself in song.

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Eddie Murphy: James Brown Celebrity Hot Tub Party

Eddie Murphy was the king of impressions. Check out his rendition of James Brown.

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Chris Rock: Pump It Up

Chris Rock is helping you pump up your Thanksgiving by pumping up your turkey.

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Chris Rock: Old School

Chris Rock was one of many comedians who got his start on Saturday Night Live. Check out some vintage Chris Rock right here

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Chris Rock: Martin Luther King Day

Chris Rock was in classic form as Weekend Update's Special News Correspondent.

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Chris Rock: Opening Monologue

Chris Rock returned to SNL last year as the host where he gave a comical (and controversial) opening monologue.

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Tracy Morgan: Scared Straight

Before Tracy Morgan was on 30 Rock, he was a crazy cast member on SNL. 

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Tracy Morgan: Maya Angelou

Tracy Morgan's stint on SNL was filled with hilarious impressions, none greater than his Maya Angelou.

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Jay Pharaoh: President Obama

SNL new kid on the block Jay Pharaoh has become a fan favorite due to his spot on impressions. Don't believe us? Close your eyes and listen to his SNL debut as President Obama.

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Maya Rudolph: Cosby Obama

In a spot on spoof of the Cosby Show, Maya Rudolph and the iconic SNL cast bring you the Obama show.

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Maya Rudolph: I Know Why The Caged Bird Laughs

Maya Rudolph channeled her inner Maya Angelou to prank fellow celebs. "It's an honor" to watch and laugh. She's Ange-loony!

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Maya Rudolph: Star Spangled Banner

Maya Rudolph is a woman of many talents but... maybe singing isn't one of them.

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Black History Month

Keenan Thompson, Jay Pharoah and new cast member Sasheer Zamata brought us one of the funniest skits in the recent seasons of SNL. Here are 28 Reasons to Hug a Black Guy.

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Kenan Thompson: Disney Acting School

Kenan Thompson and Miley Cyrus team up to poke fun at their childhood acting careers.

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Kenan Thompson: Black Jeopardy

A Kenan Thompson fan-favorite was his impression of Alex Trebek for "Black Jeopardy."

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Kerry Washington: Oprah and Michelle Obama

Even though Kerry was only a guest host, she shed light on the lack of Black female cast members in one of the most hilarious opening numbers.

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Kenan Thompson: How's He Doing?

Kenan is the longest running Black cast member in SNL history. With his comedic timing, it's easy to see why they keep him around.

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Drake: Rapping Bar Mitvah

With Drake's successful rap career, many people forgot he's seasoned actor. Drake combined his rapping and acting skills in a fan favorite opening monologue.

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Kerry Washington: What Does My Girl Say?

Kerry Washington's guest hosting appearance was memorable for her parody of a popular YouTube sensation.

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