Organize Your Beauty Cabinet

Organize Your Beauty Cabinet
ESSENCE.COM Jul, 17, 2012

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Before you can get organized, you have to know what to keep and what to toss. Throw away anything that has a strange odor, has changed colors or has dried up inside the container. You should toss cleansers and moisturizers after six months since they can contain acids that can eventually turn rancid. Mascaras should be thrown away after three months because the last thing you want is an eye infection from old, clumping bacteria. Oxidation can cause fragrances to change scent after two years, so anything older than that should be trashed.

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This mini-drawer unit is perfect for keeping your makeup items such as lipsticks, lip glosses and mascaras nice and tidy.

$39.99 for a set of 6, available at Target

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If you don’t wear mile-long false lashes to work everyday, there’s no need to keep them front and center in your beauty stash. Set aside cosmetics that you use only for special occasions and store them in separate clear plastic bins. Store your daily items in a zippered makeup pouch for easy transport.

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If you have small items such as hair scrunchies, bobby pins or decorative hair clips, store them in clear containers like these for easy access without creating clutter.

$5.99, available at The Container Store.

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Makeup brushes should be stored carefully to prevent the spread of bacteria which can cause skin rashes and breakouts. Brushes should be stored laying flat in their own separate makeup bag under the counter or in a drawer. Avoid storing them upright—particularly when they are wet— as this could fray the bristles or cause the glue to loosen.

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If you’re tight on time in the mornings, with the Lay-N-Go Cosmetic Bag, you can loosen the drawstring and lay the bag flat for fast makeup finding.

$29.95, available at Lay-N-Go

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If you’ve recently purchased a new hair product to try but weren’t in love with the results, call up your girlfriends to host a product swap. Chances are they may also have a few products that have been barely used that they are willing to trade.

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We finally found a solution for the annoying hair appliance clutter on the countertop! This wall-mounted cabinet also eliminates the need to unplug single styling tools. Simply flip a single on/off switch and you’re good to go.

$149.95, more information is available at Marcy McKenna.

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If you prefer to keep your hair tools on the countertop, this handy organizer has three compartments that can hold a hair dryer, curling iron, flat iron, hairbrushes or other tools.

$16.99, available at The Container Store.

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Many of us have purchased full-sized containers of over-the-counter drugs in the midst of a raging flu or cold, but once the illness is at bay, that medicine sits… and sits, and sits…in our cabinet for long after. Check expiration dates of your OTC and prescription meds and toss out what’s expired.

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It can be tempting to run to Target and leave with six bottles of hair conditioner just because they were on sale, but this habit could sabotage your hard work. Only buy what you need and whenever you bring a product or hair accessory home, put it in it’s designated place immediately. You’ll feel better waking up to an organized beauty cabinet every day, trust us!

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